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Thread: sjaakcl- impulsive mofo'ing (4x16)

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    Default sjaakcl- impulsive mofo'ing (4x16)

    ow fuckey. done teller. like yes like no. or just whatever!
    makes her happy. teller. like forever! together. dont!
    even seem to shabby. dancing with the devil. like right right left.
    the lady say. wiggLEd her ass. like that.. anything you'd ask.

    from early fuckups. to da. who do you pretend to be?
    the closest to me. next to B? she on an other level. not hers.
    not isabelles. now does it hurt? the knowing me too! well.
    you knew! about the cruelty. my balancing is shit

    just like im spinning! dishes on! the nose. on! a stick
    may! call me circus show. sha came alone. the man keeps. seeing
    a resemblance. i say i see it too. but! i like this style instead.
    dont fuck any ex. and yes i know to bring it down.

    wifey so upset. the come from damsco. cooler one on one. im saying.
    fak! all. that i slang a lot. your problem's bang your gwat.
    ya shakes! up the bedroom. stay on popping lolly. makes! my dick
    enormous. was doing her a favour. onto padding. wake the neighbours.

    onto adding euro flavours. make it hard for you. to breath
    on it. worst spouse can be. butt tatts a tien. the foul mouth. super bold. the shoes!
    are even dutch as me. bright site pusha. you! dont getta penny.
    twisting the idea. i whisper in her ear. i do it as we speak

    and in a year we all him wesly, or fucking giovanni. just leave then bitch.
    am no mister Dee Em.. not the figures. nor his fans. also not
    your man. hot damn. stat tru. tell her what to do.
    the suffering. cur-ving. really no! one can get in. mi bunkers here

    like german. always! hit the doubles. like you suck and! worthless.
    call them emo raps. and stupid with it. sure admit it. got like rocks!
    for all your feelings. and freak some more. the built a sjaakcl home.
    on bitches and porn. on five! years of digits. my! name ring bells.

    on many! faces. i'm not! the nicest thing to say. dark as fuck.
    might be about him blast! off never hears! any alarms. inner voice
    always go on. dispite! backfire. heavy! shots. modderfok for what!
    the took it celebrating. well you hating. say the fever got them em all.

    im so tomorrow. gone with the shit. dont! get your hopes up. through with
    this. on whatever free a spirit. you're back like in the next day. like any other
    lifter. purple pills. so this like awful.. now but
    the status. lack of understanding you dummy. call me dandy.. wormhole.

    for the way! i leave your mirror. like empty. broken. no! traces.
    cant! be read. im spraying mase to! much pressure on the pages.. so you dont!
    know 'bout folLOWing actions. im a fakking bastard. like say the same as i.
    pro'bly not gon happen. but then make three wishes. like doutze, slickness.

    and any! man that bit the lyrics. easy picking. little pussy licking. that on
    self fulfillment. just wait an other minute. you naturally got beaten.
    no reasons. just this bittersweet. and put a smile on twinkling. niches thinking.
    or fantasize the last bitch. merry christmas. handle crisis. is like

    endless! skiing. as the track goes never! slippery. like oeps like britney
    i be yours timberlakey. dominating wavy. till this! time baby.
    baby shoots. his bleeding proof. keeps throwing ways! on space books.
    but cant relate she gotta move. i'm anywhere widdit. flicking pretty

    the kid will flick'em. will! turner on some bad shit. his duel is
    soon to happen. that will loose. versus a band of dunno anything but dying.
    sexy dying. wijffies flyboy. the swallow hers few diamonds
    sufficate on diamonds. so my last! words something linish.

    meaning crazy! still they envy, like jose. wanna see me cycling.
    i be ait, like armstrong on his million dollar bike. a soul survivor.
    put some epo to get hype. im high like this. physically to rich.
    put some fat in the water. watch! this chick. she like i split! the water.

    the fuck it used to make me horny saying bought the guns of lorrie.
    ilLEgal flow keeps dripping. outta CK bottle. it was stashed into
    the bassment. no the couldnt keep his hands of it. an other man
    was packing it. i niffed a few vacations. longs! the media add up.

    and for that the feel the greatest. and try be! succes. im lying.
    half of mine is: but sjaakie's not applying. ma seriously stop trying
    no minds. just steps. street subs dont search! for nemo.
    you wet. cant hold a waterline. to keep. this orange world
    i put my dick inside a dyke. like im jantje bitches. hero shit allright
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