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Thread: Guerrilla Alliance - Guerrilla Warfare (feat. Shabazz, Holoaust & Solomon Childs)

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    Default Guerrilla Alliance - Guerrilla Warfare (feat. Shabazz, Holoaust & Solomon Childs)

    This month's "On The Radar" feature is Guerrilla Alliance, a hip hop duo who are taking over the underground with their "conspiracy theory" raps and knowledge based rhymes including appearances from Wu affiliates and an upcoming guest appearance from Canibus (who brought a verse that sounds like that vintage Canibus sound, think "Beast From The East" Canibus)


    If you’re tired of that gun talk and player rap from artists you know ain’t living most of what they’re spitting, look no further than the duo of Vega X and Macabean the Rebel, together known as Guerrilla Alliance. These MCs are blessing the rap game with knowledge about the world around you and how it really operates, with poignant and carefully chosen lyrics, the two members of this group deliver some of the most important and honest hip hop with an incredible talent and confidence, and while they aren’t for those who pop bottles, they are for those who read and subscribe to the idea that everything we know may not be everything it appears to be.

    Individually, the two members of Guerrilla Alliance couldn’t be more opposite. Mac has a smooth flow, but don’t let that fool you, the bars he spits are venomous, educating listeners on the truths of the world that you won’t find in schoolbooks and wisdom of the streets. Vega X is the perfect contrast, powerfully shouting his verses in a staccato tone that forces you to take in every word and hear the passion and truth in his bars. Taking the term “originality” to its limits, Guerrilla Alliance’s debut album Guerrilla Warfare tackles a variety of topics including history lessons like on “Inglorious Basterds”, the assassination of Malcolm X on “Audubon Ballroom”, the end of the world in 2012, and straight up knowledge of self. The focus that goes into their songs is part of what makes this group so incredible, on the epic “Systematic Genocide” the three verses are played out as three different sides of the same story, first from the American soldier, then the Taliban soldier, and the third, I’ll let you find out for yourself.

    Guerrilla Alliance has also worked closely with the artists who appear on their album, from Wu-affiliates Shabazz The Disciple, Solomon Childs and Warcloud a.k.a. Holocaust to former Terror Squad member Armageddon. Upcoming projects include appearances from Chief Kamachi and a ridiculous verse from Canibus. This isn’t a group that’s just rapping like every other MC sitting in their basement on a computer, or paying for throwaways from former legends, this is a group that’s really putting in the work and has developed their own style and sound which sets them apart and allows them to constantly build and add on, which is exactly what hip hop is all about.

    Further cementing Guerrilla Alliance’s place in hip hop is the incorporation of their record label, Planet X Records, owned and operated by group member Vega X who has brought in a slew of talented artists who also rap at an elevated level of consciousness for the subject matter they discuss. Instead of taking the traditional route of looking for a deal, Planet X and Guerrilla Alliance have created their own distribution through their own label, allowing them to continue to add talent as well as promote their own projects, including the recent Dimension X: 2012 mixtape featuring all the Planet X Records “Predators”, Vega X’s upcoming EP The Witch Hammer, Macabean’s upcoming solo album F.E.M.A. and the next Guerrilla Alliance album Empire of Fear. For that true hardcore rap with more knowledge than you get in a college history course, check out Guerrilla Alliance, you’ll learn about the past, present and the future, all with the backing of solid production and on point lyricism from two amazing artists ready to take over the underground hip hop scene.

    Where I discovered them: seeing Vega X start in high school and build to this point

    Tracks that seal the deal: “Guerrilla Warfare”, “Sky Erasers”, “The Prophecy”, “”The Hidden Fortress”, “Wrath of Kings”

    Buy Guerrilla Warfare on iTunes


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    can't wait to hear that canibus verse

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    cdbaby.com/guerrillaalliance2 <---I believe you can get it there right now, it will be on iTunes within the next day or so

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