i was doing some reading on solar vortex trajectories (the spiraling movement of our solar system thru the galaxy) and saw this illustration..
this is an 80 year long exposure of our sun and inner planets as it speeds thru space.
does this look like?

anyway... it got me thinking about higher dimensions of perspective.
when viewing the 3 spacial and 1 temporal dimensions of reality from a higher dimension we can see a bigger picture.

for example if you were to look at yourself from the 5th dimension you would appear to be a long undulating snake that at one end was the shape a single cell and at the other end was the shape of a dead body, hopefully an elderly one. lol

then it got me thinking about the cosmic serpents and the serpents seen by people tripping. is it possible that the snakes are actually the result of viewing something or someone from a higher dimension? is this why the serpent is revered throughout humanity?

went off on a tanget... brain moving faster than fingers...lol

so in this experiment lets think about things outside of space and time, from a God's eye view.

sometimes i look at humanity in this way as waves or better yet, vectors of intention. desires such as enlightenment, economic power, military domination, exploration fuel the movement of societies.

like if you drew the whole of the roman civilization in one image what would it look like? in all its dimensions. what was it's intention? what was the result.

this may be a common thought process idk. never really talked about it with anyone.