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Thread: USO's Reports

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    FL, March 22, 2010 - small, with red lights. MUFON Case # 22532.

    as my friend (pilot and works for spirit airlines) and i were looking up at the downtown Miami skyline i noticed a small flying object in the sky.

    it was a triangular shape with red lights.

    it moved slowly and descended down onto the water it landed. it was close enough for me to recognize that it wasn't a plane and it made no noise.

    it drifted to the right and stopped for a few minutes. i noticed a small boat that passed by it and the ufo's light shut off and after the boat passed it turned back on. then the ufo drifted to the left about a mile then the lights went off again and it disappeared from my sight..

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    This Is The Oldest Case Ive Been Able To Find Is In 1067 AD.


    A.D. 1067 from Geoffrey Gaimar's Lestoire des Englis: "In this year people saw a fire that flamed and burned fiercely in the sky. It came near the earth and for a little time brilliantly lit it up. Afterwards, it revolved, ascended on high, and then descended into the sea. In several places it burned woods and plains, and in the County of Northumberland this fire showed itself in two seasons of the year." We don't quite get the bit about its appearing in two seasons, but the implication is clear: simply that the British Isles were twice visited by some annoying form of UFO, circa 1066, which seems to have been on a rampage and which eventually went down into the sea. They had their troubles even then. Similar affairs exercised the clergy and other authorities, and the common people, throughout the following centuries.

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    Another Really Interesting Case Dated 5-8-1608 Happend In Nice France, The Witnesses Also Saw Aliens

    Citizens of Nice, France saw UFOs in 1608

    At the beginning of the 17th century, the city of Nice in the South of France was going through one of its most prosperous periods. Early in the morning of August 5th, 1608, the inhabitants of Nice saw three strange luminous crafts revolving at great velocity in the skies above the city. The objects stopped above the fortress, hovering still above it for a while, then descending slowly towards the surface of the Mediterranean close to the Port. The Nicois were able to watch closely in full detail these objects which floated atop the sea. Water soon began boiling in a noisy manner like a roar. A reddish vapor resulted from this effect of heat on the sea.

    From one of the crafts, two humanlike figures came out; they were described as having "large heads and shiny eyes." They were dressed in some sort of red and silvery suits and were linked to the vessel by some sort of tube. The beings did some tasks during a few hours, and dived in the water to waist level while their arms were maintaining vertically two tubes linked to some kind of belt they were wearing.

    For two hours the three crafts maintained their position.

    The entities came back around 10 PM and all crafts disappeared in a few seconds noisily to the east. (No details were given as to whether they departed via sea or air.)

    The Nicois believed God had send them a sign and spent all night till dawn of August 6th praying in all churches of the City.
    Another Report Of The Same Incident:

    On the evening of August 5th, 1608, three luminous craft visited the sky over Baie des Anges in Nice, France, much to the dismay of its citizens. They watched the objects race errantly about for some time, when they suddenly stopped and hovered a few feet above the water. The craft were long, oval in shape and flattened along their lengths, each with a "strange mast" sitting on top of them. The bay waters began to froth underneath them, giving off a dense orange vapor, accompanied by a loud, unpleasant noise. From one of the craft two vaguely human looking beings appeared. They were described as being dressed in red clothes covered with silvery scales, with huge heads and luminous eyes. The two creatures, holding cables or tubes attached to the craft, jumped into the water and moved about their ship for around two hours. When they returned inside the object, all three left at a high rate of speed, leaving the terrified residents of Nice wondering at what this omen from God could possibly mean.

    I Find This Case Very Interesting As The Crafts Occupants Were Also Witnessed By Multiple People

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    Another Interesting Case This Time In Russia Again From The 1600's Dated 15-8-1663.

    Again There Were Multiple Witnesses To This Event.



    The Robozero sighting is the most famous UFO case in the history of ancient Russia. Yuri Roszius and other Russian researchers of paranormal phenomena have studied it extensively. The event occurred "in the year 171" (that is, the year 7171 from "the creation of the world") which corresponds to the year 1663. The details of this amazing and enigmatic event have been preserved because of the efforts of the Archeological Commission. It published a collection of its historical acts in 1842, among which was an authentic 17th century document signed by Ivan (Ivashko) Rzhevsky, a "laborer," in which he bore witness to a remarkable event. According to Rzhevsky's testimony, on August 15, 1663, between 10:00AM and noon, a "great noise" resounded over Robozero Lake (located in the Vologda Region, about 80 miles southwest of Belozersk). From the north, out of a clear sky, appeared a huge flaming sphere not less than 130 feet in diameter. From its fore-part emitted two "flame" beams, about "20 sazhens ahead of it" (a sazhen is about seven feet). From its sides poured bluish smoke. This huge ball of fire, its height like that of a modern 15-story building, hovered over the lake. The phenomenon was observed by a multitude of people who had gathered for mass at the parish church, situated on the lake shore. The "great noise" occurred just as the thanksgiving singing had begun. Terrified by this noise, the people emerged from the church, but upon seeing the "frightful sight" they went back into the church and "prayed to the Lord and the Virgin Mary with tears and weeping." Shortly afterwards "the great flame and the two smaller ones vanished," but it reappeared on two or three more occasions, moving in a westward direction (seemingly becoming brighter each time) before finally dimming and disappearing from view a full hour and a half later. Peasants were sailing in a boat on the lake at the time, but the scorching heat forced them to the bank. They saw that light from the unknown object had penetrated the water and reached the bottom of the lake--"about four sazhens down" (28 feet). They saw "fish fleeing from the flame toward the shore."

    Rzhevsky's story was corroborated by another eyewitness, a peasant by the name of Levko Fedorov, and he also received written confirmation from the local priests that "such a token was observed on that date." Only then did Rzhevsky report the occurrence to his superiors. However, despite providing a detailed description of the phenomenon, Rzhevsky does not offer any subjective interpretation of it.

    Others have tried to interpret the Robozero phenomenon, Russian astronomer D. Svyatski, in his book Astronomical Phenomena in Russian Chronicles, claims that the eyewitnesses saw pieces of a meteorite that flew apart after an explosion--but this does not account for the sighting of the people in the boat approaching a hovering body? Others have Tried to explain it as ball lightning--but there was no storm or rain that day. The life span of lightning is short. Its diameter is no more than three feet--certainly not 130 feet.

    Yuri Roszius analyzed Rzhevsky's report and came up with a fresh interpretation of the sighting. His detailed analysis included the study of one interesting episode related by eyewitnesses. The document notes a change in the outer appearance of the object: an increase in its brightness when it came into view for the third time. For some reason this change preceded the start of the object's progressive movement westward. In modern times, such an increase in brightness could be attributed to the firing-up of cruise engines (an increase in its thrust). Is it by chance that the object's brightness increased before its departure?

    Mankind did not possess such advanced technology then, but it is feasible that the population of Robozero was being observed by an alien civilization. To this day no known scientific theory has explained the phenomenon.

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    Atlantic Underwater Test Evaluation Center

    What Is AUTEC???

    AUTEC Stands for The Atlantic Underwater Test Evaluation Center.

    Almost everyones heard of AREA 51?

    Well AUTEC Is The Underwater AREA 51.

    Which Both Are Government Run Top Secret Test Facilitys Said To House Top Secret Aircraft, UFO's.

    In This Case Its USO's

    AUTEC Is Situated @ West Palm Beach Florida

    There Is Believed To Be Another AUTEC Base And Facilitys To Be Situated @ Andros Island

    AUTEC's Main Base Florida

    The U.S. Navy maintains a site called FORACS which is AUTEC's Naval Forces Sensor and Weapons Accuracy Check Site.

    The Primary Mission of AUTEC's Naval Forces Sensor and Weapon Accuracy Check Site (FORACS) I

    Is to Perform Precision Measurements of the Accuracy of Target, surveillance, and Navigation Sensors Installed on Surface Ships, Submarines, and Helicopters.

    Its The Underwater Craft Im Interested In And Facilitys

    AUTEC is affiliated with the NATO FORACS program and the eight participating NATO member nations.


    Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    The FORACS Range is located directly off Site 1 and covers an area 7 by 12 nautical miles (13 by 22 kilometers).

    It includes: Active/Passive & Sonar Targets which are Located in Various Water depths, they also Include Active and Passive Radar targets ESM/ECM, and Optical Sensor Targets. A control Station Ashore Houses All Target Electronics.

    As With ALL Government Secret Sites AUTEC Is Surrounded In SECURITY!

    Much Like AREA 51 There Are Warnings ALL Over The Perimeter Of The Base WARNING People NOT To Stray Past The Perimeter Or ELSE!

    There's Alot of Contraversy Reguarding AUTEC From Enviromentalists Which Blame The Facility For Depleted Fish Stocks & Whaling

    The People That Are Behind These Accusations Are From The Bahamian Government! And Arnt Too Happy About These So Called Instalations.

    Here's A Definition ie: A pic of What Foracs DO There:

    They Believe That Things are Going on at the Facility That are Harmful to the Health of their Citizens As Well As Enviromental.

    There Are Some "Bahamians" Saying And "Believe These Are Associated To AUTEC, Are These Related?

    There Is Also People Associated To AUTEC That Believe That AUTEC IS Situated on TOP of What USED to be ATLANTIS

    Some Others Believe That AUTEC House's Some Sort Of STARGATE?

    This Could Well Explain The USO/UFO Phenominum In This Area

    None of These Can Be Proven Tho


    One Thing IS For Sure Is That There IS A Hell Of Alot Of UFO & USOActivety In & Around This Mysterious BASE!

    This Base IS Situated on the Edge Of The Bermuda Triangle

    Which,And as Most of Us Know Is A Hotspot For UFO/USO Activety.

    As Well As Mysterious Disapperances Of Aircraft And Ships Of All Sizes.

    It Seems Nothing! Is Safe Around These Facilitys!

    As With AREA 51,AUTEC Seem's To Be &IS A Test Site For The Unexplained. BUT Are These UFO's/USO's[/B]???

    Mainly Of The USO Type.

    Its Also Believed That There Is A Pyramid In This AREA

    Is This ATLANTIS??

    Who Knows

    See Here:

    The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC), the American underwater "Area 51"(excerpt)http://www.greatdreams.com/bermuda.htm

    The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC), the American naval base on the Bahamas island of Andros, and that some researchers believed AUTEC might be an underwater "Area 51"- a place where secret research was being carried out on UFOs by the American government, and which, from time to time, was even visited by UFOs. It is located 177 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, Florida, at Andros Island and the Tongue of the Ocean, in Bahamas.

    The Andros Island AUTEC test facility-access to which must be obtained beforehand - covers only one square mile on land, but actually comprises 1,670 square miles of the surrounding Caribbean. This ocean area is a steep-sided deep-water embayment 100 miles long and 20 miles wide, with depths varying from 700 fathoms at the "rim" to 1,100 fathoms (more than a mile) at the northern end. By any reckoning, this is a huge amount of underwater space.

    The Andros base has an ultra-top secret caliber of security. In the waters off Andros island, strange craft have been seen from time to time which not only resemble UFOs, but which display the same unbelievable swiftness of motion and execute the same incredibly sharp turns.

    A Viennese businessman told me that, once, when he was yachting off the coast of Andros, he glimpsed, two miles away (it was a very clear day), in waters over a mile-and-a-half deep, a motionless object he thought was a whale. Coming to within almost half-a-mile of the object-which was now gleaming oddly-the yachter observed that it was some kind of man-made craft of ultramodern design. Suddenly, the craft took off in a southerly direction at what my informant described as a "lunatic speed." It sped along the surface of the water. Then, abruptly, it disappeared beneath the waves, not to be seen again.

    Blue holes are small underwater caves, apparently formed from within, which are found predominately in the area of the Bahamas archipelago. I think it possible that blue holes may, perhaps, have been formed by the popping in and out of existence of micro-wormholes.

    British scuba diver Rob Palmer, apparently, had entertained a roughly analogous theory. In addition, he believed blue holes might be the transit points for UFOs arriving here from other dimensions-and his investigations were taking him closer and closer to the AUTEC base on Andros Island, where there is a very great proliferation of blue holes..

    Pyramid Found Under The Sea - SOURCE: Janet Ann Spencer extracts from "The Planetary Connections", British Edition, distributed by Roger Brown of "Fountain Adelaide", Issue No. 6, Winter 1994/5

    Newsweek reports the discovery of a pyramid under the Bermuda Triangle. "And not, just any pyramid, sonar tracing has mapped the pyramid's outline, and shows it rising to a height of some 780 feet from the otherwise flat ocean floor 1,200 feet below the surface of the Atlantic.

    The discovery was made and then confirmed by Captain Don Henry, who discovered the puzzling phenomenon while making sonar tracings of the sea floor in an area of the Atlantic between South Bimini Island and the north end of the Cay Sal Bank. He was staggered when he realized that this undersea pyramid was some three hundred feet higher than the Cheops Pyramid, with a base of a thousand feet square.

    Dr. J. Manson Valentine, anthropologist and zoologist at the Miami Museum of Science, is convinced and points out that the area where the pyramid is located was once dry sand. The area has long been suggested as the site of Atlantis.

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    Bermuda Triangle Stargate?

    Associated With AUTEC

    A German historian/scuba diver has recorded the exact location and value of deviations in magnetic fields off the Bahamas coast. Scientists to whom he has shown the figures do not dismiss the possibility that they are caused by micro-wormholes. His researches have also led him to wonder whether the American AUTEC naval base on Andros Island is not-perhaps on account of these same wormholes - an "Underwater Area 51 of the Caribbean." And he has reached some new conclusions concerning Atlantis and the Bahamas.

    Oceans of ink have been spilt over the subject of the Bermuda Triangle, that apparent paranormal grab-bag of missing vessels (hundreds of ships and scores of planes), deviations in the magnetic field, abrupt outpourings of fog, UFO sightings far above the national average-and much, much more. A vast amount of pure speculation has accompanied these reports, the most controversial being that the Bahamas archipelago is comprised of the mountaintops and higher areas of the lost continent of Atlantis, sunk beneath these waters millennia ago.

    As a practicing historian, with a doctorate in history and sociology from the German Sports University in Cologne - and therefore with a vigorous training in avoiding speculation - I certainly never expected to have anything to contribute to this controversy, which I tended to entirely dismiss.

    Pure happenstance changed all that. I am also a trained scuba diving instructor; and, in 1995, I was sent by my company on a six-month stint to Nassau, Bahamas, with my wife and children. My German customers were the travel companies Inter Airlines and Aeroplane. My task was to develop tourist programs for scuba divers and help customers who were already there.

    In the course of my work, I heard persistent reports of persons on boats who had experienced sudden deviations in their compass readings which had put them right off course. My curiosity as a historian got the better of me (and, besides, it would make for an unusual diving experience): I decided to look for magnetic field anomalies in the places where the deviations had been noted, and try to bring back exact figures for those deviations.

    Based on the stories I'd heard, I chose more than half-a-dozen points at which to dive:

    Fish Hotel, Lyford Cay, and White Hole, near Nassau

    Lost Blue Hole, about an hour by boat from Nassau

    Dogleg Reef, an hour by boat from Marathon, in the Florida Keys

    the "Atlantis Wall," near Bimini

    Sunken Train, near Eluthera

    Here's The Map:

    Fellow scuba divers Al Miller, an American, and Joel Green, a Jamaican, accompanied me on these expeditions. Over the course of several weeks, we carried out one to seven dives a week, depending on the time we had available.

    Dressed in our scuba gear, and singly or in pairs, we dove at each location several times, usually descending to a depth of no more than a few dozen feet. The dives lasted 60 to 75 minutes; sometimes we made them from cheap inflatables, other times from rented boats.

    We found clear evidence of deviations at four locations:

    Fish Hotel, Lyford Cay, White Hole, near Nassau

    Dogleg Reef, near Marathon, in South Florida

    In the course of our dives, we recorded precise figures for what the compass readings were as compared to what they normally should have been.

    Over the next few months, I communicated these figures to a number of physicists around the world. To a one, they told me that such magnetic field anomalies could be caused by briefly-appearing micro-wormholes. They could think of no other explanation for the deviations. Prof. John Wheeler, of Princeton University, in Princeton, NJ, has given the name of "wormhole" to what he believes may be "transit tunnels" between different dimensions of reality. According to Wheeler, these wormholes may be only a giga-fraction of a square inch in size-the number one preceded by 33 zeroes, preceded by a decimal point. Wheeler says these mini-black holes, constantly blinking in and out of the geometry of space, are thought to be bits of "virtual matter;" that is, they can exist for a limited time only. Their counterparts-so-called mini-white holes - are virtual anti-matter. Whenever these two kinds of virtual matter build up to any extent, they immediately destroy themselves. Wheeler can offer no explanation as to why mini-holes appear, disappear, then reappear.

    Regarding my magnetic field anomaly readings, here are some typical responses, from some of the scientists-usually quantum physicists - to whom I spoke:

    Dr. Werner Muller, physicist, Karlruhe, Germany, in a 1995 phone interview: "According to the figures you provided and the fact that no natural source was found in the bottom of the sea, there are just the quantum physical theories left to explain the phenomenon."

    Professor Tsung-Min Gung, physicist, Tokyo, Japan, 1995; phone interviews: "If the theories of inter-dimensional connections are not completely wrong and can develop in the way I am expecting them to, the strong interdependencies with gravitation and the earth's magnetic field may be a way to track them down."

    Grazyna Fosar, physicist, Berlin, Germany, in a radio discussion together with myself, in 1997: "From the physicist's point of view, gates to hyperspace can be the only reasonable explanation for these mysterious deviation fields."

    These startling results led me to investigate, tentatively at first, then with growing interest, some of the other "Bermuda Triangle" phenomena associated with the Bahamas area. I knew that the theory of compass deviations as being caused by "stargates" went back some way (though, as far as I knew, I was the first to come up with any figures); I was now told that the extremely high incidence of UFO sightings in the Bahamas archipelago had been associated by some researchers with these stargates.

    I was further told that many of the sightings took place near the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC), the American naval base on the Bahamas island of Andros, and that some researchers believed AUTEC might be an underwater "Area 51"- a place where secret research was being carried out on UFOs by the American government, and which, from time to time, was even visited by UFOs.

    I decided, as a historian, to try to get to the bottom of these extraordinary speculations. The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) possesses unique resources, including an underwater range for testing and research on acoustic equipment. It is located 177 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, Florida, at Andros Island and the Tongue of the Ocean, in Bahamas. The Andros Island AUTEC test facility-access to which must be obtained beforehand - covers only one square mile on land, but actually comprises 1,670 square miles of the surrounding Caribbean. This ocean area is a steep-sided deep-water embayment 100 miles long and 20 miles wide, with depths varying from 700 fathoms at the "rim" to 1,100 fathoms (more than a mile) at the northern end. By any reckoning, this is a huge amount of underwater space.

    I learned from more than one source that the Andros base has an ultra-top secret caliber of security. Here is an illustration. In 1997, a group of duck-hunters - who, admittedly, had walked right by a PROHIBITED AREA sign less than a mile from the base - suddenly found themselves confronting an unusually thick wall of foliage. At that very moment, they were knocked off their feet and their faces thrust into the ground.

    The hapless duck-hunters quickly discovered that the foliage contained sailors in heavy camouflage, and that other sailors, leaping out of the foliage behind them, had hurled them to the ground. Taken to a nearby tent, they were grilled by a colonel for hours, until they were certain they would be thrown into prison. Then, abruptly, the officer released them, declaring, "I believe your story."

    In the waters off Andros island, strange craft have been seen from time to time which not only resemble UFOs, but which display the same unbelievable swiftness of motion and execute the same incredibly sharp turns. A Viennese businessman told me that, once, when he was yachting off the coast of Andros, he glimpsed, two miles away (it was a very clear day), in waters over a mile-and-a-half deep, a motionless object he thought was a whale. Coming to within almost half-a-mile of the object-which was now gleaming oddly-the yachter observed that it was some kind of man-made craft of ultramodern design.

    Suddenly, the craft took off in a southerly direction at what my informant described as a "lunatic speed." It sped along the surface of the water. Then, abruptly, it disappeared beneath the waves, not to be seen again.

    I have been told of conspiracy and suppression theories of a very dark nature which have been burgeoning around the subject of AUTEC as an "underwater Area 51," just as they have been around the subject of the real "Area 51."

    Here is an example, passed along to me by an informant whom I interviewed in November, 1998, at NASA headquarters at Cape Kennedy, Florida.

    I was told that highly respected and world-class British scuba diver Rob Palmer, who had been director of a "blue holes" research center in Bahamas for a number of years, had failed to surface after a dive in the Red Sea, in Israel, in mid-July, 1997, and was presumed dead. Blue holes are small underwater caves, apparently formed from within, which are found predominately in the area of the Bahamas archipelago. I think it possible that blue holes may, perhaps, have been formed by the popping in and out of existence of micro-wormholes.

    Rob Palmer, apparently, had entertained a roughly analogous theory. In addition, he believed blue holes might be the transit points for UFOs arriving here from other dimensions, and his investigations were taking him closer and closer to the AUTEC base on Andros Island, where there is a very great proliferation of blue holes. My informant told me there was a rumor that Palmer might have been murdered by officials at AUTEC, probably because he knew too much, and possibly by a post-hypnotic suggestion which caused him to take his own life while he was under the waters of the Red Sea.

    As a professional historian, I don't care to indulge in such lurid speculations. But their existence suggests there might well be significant clandestine activity taking place at the Andros island AUTEC facility.

    Since so much of the far-fetched material I had investigated had turned out to have some basis in reality, however indirect, I now decided to investigate the story that the area of the Bahamas is the site of the (not completely sunken) continent of Atlantis.

    Many have long believed that Bimini is a remnant of Atlantis. The idea was first mooted by trance-medium Edgar Cayce, who claimed that many of the people to whom he gave readings had lived past lives on Atlantis. Using the latest technology, scientists from the British Government's Building Research Establishment have even discovered tiny amounts of coal and gold in apparently man-made stone found on the seabed at Bimini.

    As a historian interested in primary rather than secondary sources, I decided to read the single text upon which all of the thousands of books on Atlantis are based: the dialogue called the Critias, by the Greek philosopher Plato.

    Moreover, I decided to read the dialogue, not, as so many have, as myth or metaphor, but as historical fact. And I bypassed most of Plato's detailed account of the splendors of this ancient kingdom, concentrating instead on its dimensions as reported by Plato: What shape did Atlantis have? How long and wide was it?

    I learned something intriguing: that if you were to take the present-day Bahamas archipelago and raise the entire land-mass by 300 feet - or, to put it another way, lower the water level surrounding Bahamas by 300 feet (its level during the last Ice Age) - you would end up with a country that closely matched, in shape and size, the ancient Atlantis of Plato: The philosopher wrote in the Critias that the continent was larger than Egypt (as it was then known); that the center of the island, not far from the sea, was formed by a plain surrounded by shallow mountains to a distance of six miles; and that these mountains themselves were located in a large plain, surrounded by high mountains to a distance of 200 miles.

    My conclusions regarding the so-called Bimini Wall, thought by many to be a remnant of Atlantis, were not nearly so "New Age." I believe that some of the stones making up the wall appear to be man-made, not because they came from Atlantis, but because they were left there during the American Civil War.

    In those days, a great many ships ran the Union blockade to bring trade to Confederate harbors. Pursued by Union ships, these vessels often escaped into the shallow Bahamas waters where the big man-o-wars couldn't follow.

    To navigate over the reefs that filled these waters, they frequently had to jettison weight so as to ride higher in the water. What easier way to do this than by dumping granite stones from the ship's ballast? That, I think, may account for a good many of the granite stones now found at such places as Bimini.

    I pursued my investigations in a number of other areas. I found out, for instance, that Bahamas has its own legends of mysterious little monkey-like creatures that are almost never seen: the "chickcharnies". I discovered there are numerous "ghost stories" associated with Bahamas, and that the shamans of the area are reputed to have almost godlike-powers. I came away with the impression - one that can scarcely be proven scientifically - that there is high degree of psychic, even "interdimensional," energy in the Bahamas archipelago.

    My attention, though, keeps returning to the "underwater stargates of the Caribbean," which I discovered with my friends Al Miller and Joel Green. I continue to wonder what might be the next step in researching these "stargates." I have a proposal. It would be interesting to actually try to enter one of these "stargates", except that they are usually microscopic to an extreme degree, and they tend to fluctuate in and out of existence.

    Therefore, I would like to suggest that one or a number of psychics descend to the sites of some of these underwater anomalies, perhaps those near Nassau, which are shallow, and not far from shore, and not far from the Bahamas capitol, which could make an excellent host to a world press tempted to attend this unusual "Underwater Splashdown to the Stargates of the Caribbean." Jeanne Dixon may be too old for such a venture; but there must be many youngish, athletic and gifted psychics who could be persuaded to don scuba diving gear and venture to the bottom of the ocean to see what telepathic feelings and messages they might be able to pick up, filtering ever so briefly through these on-again, off-again, underwater micro-wormholes.

    My proposal may seem outlandish. But I and my scuba diving colleagues would be glad to train as divers any prospective psychics, and descend with them to the ocean bottom off Bahamas. We could do it during the coolest month of the year in Bahamas-January. January 1, 2000, seems like a propitious date. Do I have any takers?


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    AUTEC Sonar & Whales

    AUTEC, Sonar and Whales
    by Larry Smith

    In the minds of some people, the American naval facility on the Bahamian island of Andros is another mysterious Area 51 – the top-secret military base in Nevada that has been imaginatively linked to UFOs and inter-dimensional vortexes.

    And believe it or not - AUTEC’s deepwater sensors in the Tongue of the Ocean were recently used by scientists from the University of California in an effort to detect cosmic neutrinos emitted by intergalactic black holes.

    But environmentalists regard the hundreds of square miles of deep ocean off the Atlantic Underwater Testing and Evaluation Centre near Fresh Creek as a killing field for whales and dolphins.

    AUTEC was set up in 1965 to research anti-submarine warfare for the Western Alliance using live targets and synthetic torpedoes in a realistic environment. Those activities rely on a detection system called tactical active sonar that was first deployed on warships about 40 years ago.

    As one British submariner who took part in these exercises explained: “We would travel up and down the range, whilst other NATO submarines, warships and helicopters would fire torpedoes at us. “

    In fact, this writer was one of several Bahamian journalists aboard a Royal Navy helicopter carrier in 1976 that took part in a four-day exercise off Andros involving US, British, Dutch and Bahamian forces.

    Codenamed Operation Clay, the exercise featured mock commando landings. And the carrier, HMS Bulwark, conducted manoeuvres with a nuclear-powered British attack submarine undergoing trials at AUTEC.

    Today, AUTEC employs over 400 Americans and 170 Bahamians. The 1983 lease agreement provides for the use of land sites, airspace and seabed for a payment of $10.8 million a year. Andros was selected because of its deep water close to shore, but there are increasing concerns among environmentalists that ear-splitting military sonar threatens whales and other marine mammals throughout the world’s oceans.

    That’s because whales and dolphins navigate, hunt and communicate using sound waves. Hearing is their primary sense, and because sound travels so well in water, the noise can be miles away and still seem like it is just around the corner.

    "Whales exposed to high-intensity sonar have been found bleeding from the eyes and ears, with lesions the size of golf balls in their organ tissue," said Michael Jasny of the New York-based Natural Resources Defence Council. "Biologists are concerned that the whales we see dying on the beaches are only the tip of an iceberg and that many more are dying at sea,"

    And according to the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, “The effect of man-made sounds on marine mammals has become a clear conservation issue. Strong evidence exists that military sonar has caused the strandings of beaked whales in several locations.”

    Experts say high-intensity sonar disorients whales and can damage their ears, causing them to surface too quickly and strand on shorelines where they often die. Although whale strandings have been reported around the world for hundreds of years, environmentalists say the numbers are increasing.

    Modern sonar sends out loud pings that appear to frighten and disorient whales, especially deep-diving species such as the beaked whales, about which we know little. And in fact, the US Navy is spending $50 million on research to understand how marine mammals are affected by sound.

    This research includes investigating marine mammal locations, abundance, and movement at sea; studying the effects of sound on their physiology and behaviour; and finding ways to mitigate those effects.

    For the past 15 years, the Bahamas Marine Mammal Survey - based at Sandy Point, Abaco - has been carrying out field studies of whales and dolphins, with funding from Earthwatch Institute, and has documented 24 species in Bahamian waters. They have also been involved in a monitoring programme at AUTEC that detects whales using the base’s underwater microphones.

    The BMMS has collated reports of marine mammal strandings in the Bahamas dating back to the 1940s: “The data show a relatively consistent number of strandings from the 1960s to the 1980s, that begins to increase in the 1990s,” Diane Claridge said recently. “Then there is a sharp rise, with peaks in 2000 and 2002 from two mass stranding events. We've recorded 78 strandings in the past six years, which is unusually high compared to previous years.”

    In 2002 some 40 oceanic dolphins stranded on Long Island where about half died of exposure and starvation. Researchers have not determined exactly why these deepwater animals entered the shallows at Deadman's Cay Sound in the first place. There were rumours of naval activity in the area at the time, but that was never confirmed.

    In the more famous 2000 event, 17 whales and dolphins came ashore on Abaco and Grand Bahama during a confirmed US naval exercise in the Providence Channel. Seven of the animals died and the BMMS was able to conduct post-mortems on all of them.

    Claridge and former BMMS scientist Ken Balcomb reported their findings in the May 2001 issue of the Bahamas Journal of Science*: “We concluded that there must have been an enormous acoustic event...that triggered a behavioural flight response by several species, but predominantly Cuvier’s beaked whales.”

    Both the US National Marine Fisheries Service and the US Navy came to similar conclusions based on the post-mortems, “which indicated that the injuries were all consistent with an intense acoustic or pressure event.”

    Beaked whales are more sensitive to the 180 decibel sonar levels used by the US Navy than other species. For comparison, experts say that typical ocean noise levels in the Bahamas range from 40 decibels with no shipping to 68 decibels with heavy shipping. For humans, a sound level of 85 decibels causes permanent hearing damage, and a sound level of 125 decibels causes ear pain.

    “As far as I am aware, current mitigation practices at AUTEC consist of observers on ships before and during exercises, slowly ramping up sonar as an exercise begins, and ensuring that no one ship outputs more than 180 decibels,” Claridge said. “I believe they also consider the cumulative effect if multiple ships are using sonars simultaneously.”

    But apparently this isn't enough to prevent harm to beaked whales from active sonar. To find out what type of mitigation would be effective, the US Office of Naval Research has been funding a monitoring programme at AUTEC, which listens for whales in the Tongue of the Ocean.

    According to the BMMS, this system can be used to look at changes in the density of beaked whales (and other species) before, during and after naval exercises. And it can also determine whether whales are moving in and out of the area as a result of naval activity. Claridge has been to AUTEC several times to work on the programme.

    “What is really interesting to me is that beaked whales are detected pretty much all the time. I didn't expect them to be found so frequently in an area where military exercises have taken place regularly for the past 40 years. Additionally, sperm whales, several dolphin species and short-finned pilot whales are commonly seen and heard, and appear to be in the Tongue of the Ocean year round.”

    However, there has reportedly been more naval activity in the Tongue of the Ocean lately as other test sites have closed. US Embassy officials say about a dozen exercises take place at AUTEC every year – each lasting several days.

    “If the number of exercises using active sonar has increased, and we know that the number of strandings has increased, then there is definitely reason for concern considering the correlation between sonar exercises and strandings that have been reported in scientific publications,” Claridge said.

    Beaked whales are the most mysterious of the 80 cetacean species because they favour the deep ocean. In fact, what little we do know of them has largely come from stranded animals. Sightings of them at sea are rare due to their long dive times and unobtrusive surfacing behaviour, but a preference for deep-water habitats makes them relatively common in the deep basins and channels of the Bahamas.

    Claridge says AUTEC could usefully implement follow-up surveys for distressed animals after each exercise and conduct environmental impact assessments prior to any exercises conducted in the Bahamas.

    She also called for a stranding response workshop to train people on various islands in how to collect data from dead whales as well as how to help live ones: “We need the data because with every whale that strands and no data/specimens are collected, we really can't say why they died.”

    Environmentalists want navies to take common-sense precautions during peacetime sonar training. Such measures include avoiding migration routes and feeding or breeding areas; and listening with passive sonar to ensure that whales are not in the area before switching on active sonar.

    According to the American Cetacean Society, “The controversy between the military and environmental groups arises out of the need to maintain a certain level of national security and not injure or kill every living thing in the ocean by doing so.”

    But the military says worldwide naval use of active sonar has been correlated with the stranding of only 50 whales during the 10-year period from 1996-2006: “To help put this number in perspective, this equates to less than a quarter of one per cent of the 3500-plus strandings that occur each year on US shores,” according to a US Navy fact sheet.

    A recent report by the United Nations Environment Programme rated sonar last among current threats to dolphins, porpoises and related species. Sonar was reported to threaten only about 4 per cent of these species, compared with 70 per cent endangered by fishing and 56 per cent by pollution.

    And it wasn’t too long ago that many whale species were being hunted to the point of extinction. In fact, commercial whaling has been around since at least the 11th century; and at its peak, during the mid-20th century, the global whaling industry was killing more than 50,000 whales a year.

    *The Bahamas Journal of Science was published by Media Enterprises (www.bahamasmedia.com) from 1993 to 2006 when it became the Bahamas Naturalist and Journal of Science, co-published with the Bahamas National Trust.


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    the american underwater "area 51"(excerpt)http://www.greatdreams.com/bermuda.htm

    the atlantic undersea test and evaluation center (autec), the american naval base on the bahamas island of andros, and that some researchers believed autec might be an underwater "area 51"- a place where secret research was being carried out on ufos by the american government, and which, from time to time, was even visited by ufos. It is located 177 miles southeast of west palm beach, florida, at andros island and the tongue of the ocean, in bahamas. The andros island autec test facility-access to which must be obtained beforehand - covers only one square mile on land, but actually comprises 1,670 square miles of the surrounding caribbean. This ocean area is a steep-sided deep-water embayment 100 miles long and 20 miles wide, with depths varying from 700 fathoms at the "rim" to 1,100 fathoms (more than a mile) at the northern end. By any reckoning, this is a huge amount of underwater space. The andros base has an ultra-top secret caliber of security.

    In the waters off andros island, strange craft have been seen from time to time which not only resemble ufos, but which display the same unbelievable swiftness of motion and execute the same incredibly sharp turns. A viennese businessman told me that, once, when he was yachting off the coast of andros, he glimpsed, two miles away (it was a very clear day), in waters over a mile-and-a-half deep, a motionless object he thought was a whale. Coming to within almost half-a-mile of the object-which was now gleaming oddly-the yachter observed that it was some kind of man-made craft of ultramodern design. Suddenly, the craft took off in a southerly direction at what my informant described as a "lunatic speed." it sped along the surface of the water. Then, abruptly, it disappeared beneath the waves, not to be seen again.

    Blue holes are small underwater caves, apparently formed from within, which are found predominately in the area of the bahamas archipelago. I think it possible that blue holes may, perhaps, have been formed by the popping in and out of existence of micro-wormholes. British scuba diver rob palmer, apparently, had entertained a roughly analogous theory. In addition, he believed blue holes might be the transit points for ufos arriving here from other dimensions-and his investigations were taking him closer and closer to the autec base on andros island, where there is a very great proliferation of blue holes..clip.. -- -- --

    pyramid found under the sea - source: Janet ann spencer extracts from "the planetary connections", british edition, distributed by roger brown of "fountain adelaide", issue no. 6, winter 1994/5 (same link as previous article)

    newsweek reports the discovery of a pyramid under the bermuda triangle. "and not, just any pyramid, sonar tracing has mapped the pyramid's outline, and shows it rising to a height of some 780 feet from the otherwise flat ocean floor 1,200 feet below the surface of the atlantic. The discovery was made and then confirmed by captain don henry, who discovered the puzzling phenomenon while making sonar tracings of the sea floor in an area of the atlantic between south bimini island and the north end of the cay sal bank. He was staggered when he realized that this undersea pyramid was some three hundred feet higher than the cheops pyramid, with a base of a thousand feet square. Dr. J. Manson valentine, anthropologist and zoologist at the miami museum of science, is convinced and points out that the area where the pyramid is located was once dry sand. The area has long been suggested as the site of atlantis.

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    The AUTEC Website:


    Statement For Official Visitors to the Site:


    Capitalizing on its unique location, AUTEC supports a diverse customer base that includes the Fleet,
    a variety of U.S. and allied foreign government organizations, private industry, and academic
    institutions. Our customers are our reason for being, and we pride ourselves on providing them with
    a comprehensive array of responsive, effective, and efficient, test planning and management services
    at our premier facilities.


    AUTEC provides a full range of technical services and infrastructure tailored to support our customers, from pre-test operations planning to post-test data analysis. To ensure customer satisfaction, we conduct an annual survey to measure customer satisfaction of our key products and services. We regularly renovate, update, and replace our facilities to best meet customers' needs.


    To better serve our customers' evolving needs, we are improving our existing processes and integrating into a single, unified AUTEC customer communications program that prositions use to actively listen to our customers and speak with "one voice." We will antidipate the future needs of the Navy and of our customers by continuing to conduct assessments of our customers' mission requirements and develop roadmaps to align our capabilities to them. Our efforts to enhance our facilities will be ongoing and we will aggressively seek new opportunities to further our capabilities.

    AUTECS Assets:

    A precision 3-dimensional in-water and in-air tracking range in both deep and shallow environments.
    Precisely located targets for platform sensor accuracy testing.
    A tracking system for deployed sonobuoys.
    Differential GPS Tracking Systems for off-range tests, including a Large Area Tracking Range (LATR) system.
    Ship-deployable systems for gathering radiated noise and acoustic signature data from torpedoes, unmanned vehicles, and other platforms.
    A buoyant vehicle, deep-water haul down site with data collection capability.
    Andros and West Palm Beach Real-Time Range Test Display Centers.
    Remote and Portable Real-Time Range Display Systems and Software (PARGOS/PCARGOS)
    Extensive data reduction and data processing systems and facilities.
    Computerized Mk 46 and Mk 48 torpedo simulators to minimize Fleet training costs.
    Post-test debrief/replay display systems.
    Open-ocean research vessels, range craft and small boats.
    Helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.
    Fixed, mobile, and deployable targets, noise sources, and transponders.
    Exercise weapon and test vehicle post-run and turnaround capabilities.
    Mk 46/Mk 50 REXTORP Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA) services.
    Mk 48 R&D Turnaround Facility.
    Various Range User Buildings (RUBs), including a helicopter hangar, for customer use.
    A Range User Support Compound with extensive technical laboratory facilities.
    A large pier and wharf to accommodate vessels with up to a 20-foot (6-meter) draft.

    The AUTEC Enviroment:

    AUTEC's Bahamas location, with its semi-tropical climate, quiet acoustic environment, lack of commercial encroachment, and extensive capabilities, is an ideal year-round test facility. AUTEC is located on Andros Island because of its close proximity to the Tongue of the Ocean (TOTO), a unique, deep water basin, approximately 110 nautical miles (204 kilometers) long and 20 nautical miles (37 kilometers) wide, varying in depth from 4500-6000 feet (1.4-2 kilometers). The basin floor is relatively smooth and soft, with very gradual depth changes. TOTO is bounded on the west by Andros Island, on the south and east by large areas of very shallow banks that are non-navigable, and on the north by the Berry Islands. This area of gradually varying depths, ranging from 30-2000 feet (9-610 meters), is a prime location for littoral warfare training exercises. In addition to the Berry Islands, AUTEC offers other surrogate shallow water test sites off the east coast of Florida.

    AUTEC's geography, low vessel traffic, protected environment, minimal shipping noise, slight currents, and absence of large ocean swells provide unsurpassed operational security and the required diversity necessary to support the Navy's "from the sea" mission.

    These Are Just A Couple Of Extracts From The AUTEC Website:


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    The hobbyist/investigator was actually exploring the Jupiter, FL area north of West Palm, but theorizes there might be an AUTEC connection:



    While searching this area [Jupiter area north of the inlet], I was continually warned by various law enforcement officers to STAY AWAY FROM the site across from the Jupiter Light (north of the inlet)! I was once told that I might well have my (several bad words) blown off if I wasn't arrested first! Seems that the security people at this site have arrest powers and don't take kindly to people with cameras or frequency counters! Local law enforcement officers claim that even they WILL NOT set foot on this property! While the majority of the buildings are well hidden behind dunes and dense under-brush, a few white buildings and two telephone poles can be seen from Beach Road. Obviously a dipole was 'once-upon-a- time" strung between these two poles! A radome is also partially visible.

    There is, however, no indication of a 2 GHz microwave antenna at this site! I suspect that it would be rather difficult to conceal a microwave tower at this particular location. No trespassing signs abound in this area! There is, however, a 2 GHz microwave antenna at another site on County Line Road about three miles or so from this Beach Road location This particular micro wave antenna has been tracked to another microwave site just about 20 miles to the north near Stuart Florida on U.S.1. From Stuart and about every 20 miles we have found Cape Canaveral microwave relay sites extending to Malabar, FL! And ALL of these microwave sites are clearly identified as being a part of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station: RCA and Pan American World Systems are listed as operators or ALL of these microwave sites! NOTE THAT IT HAS BEEN SUSPECTED THAT SOME 'NUMBERS" TRANSMISSIONS EMANATE FROM MALABAR AS WELL AS PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE!

    It would appear-from currently available evidence that US Customs, the USAF Eastern Test Range, Coast Guard and possibly the Navy's Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC): have facilities at this location on Beach Road: just to the north of the Jupiter Light! It is unknown as to just what link AUTEC has with its facility in the old Federal Building in downtown West Palm Beach or the facility at Palm Beach International Airport (PBIA)! RCA is, however, a contractor to the AUTEC facility at PBIA. A satellite system has replaced the HF system at AUTEC's PBIA site. There is no available evidence to suggest that RCA either owns or leases this property across from the Jupiter Light or any properties in the Jupiter/Tequesta area!

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    These next two pics are off the coast of North Carolina:-

    This next one is from Latitude: 24° 58'32.11"N Longitude: 77° 13'39.10"W

    Possible Submerged Road and Ruins off Cornwall Coast?

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    Here are some interesting accounts of sightings from the past and present. Some book titles are offered as well.



    The sightings of UFOs traversing the ocean are not new. On June 18, 1845 according to the Malta Times (Malta is a group of islands in the Mediterranean south of Sicily. A British colony until 1964) "We find the brigantine Victoria some 900 miles east of Adalia, when her crew saw three luminous bodies emerge from the sea into the air. They were visible for ten minutes, flying a half mile from the ship." There were other witnesses who saw this same UFO phenomena from Adalia, Syria and Malta. The luminous bodies each displayed an apparent diameter larger than the size of the full moon.

    On March 22, 1870, in the equatorial waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the sailors of the English corvette Lady of the Lake saw a lenticular cloud with a long tail advancing against the wind. This form was visible for an hour, wrote Captain F.W. Banner in the ship's log. The drawing by Banner in his log looked extraordinarily like a flying saucer.

    There are thousands of these reported sightings, many with pictures as well. In addition there are reports of bases off the coast of different countries, such as northern South America; Puerto Rico; Russia; under the North Sea; Scotland; Patagonia Coast, Argentina; Azores Islands, Portugal; Spain; Canaries; Canada; Japan; USA; Dominican Republic; Spitzbergen, Norway; Newfoundland, among others.

    July 1967, a Dutch multi-national businessman was contacted in the Oostscheld, below Amsterdam, by extraterrestrial beings who said they came from a place called Iarga, some 11 light years from our sun as we calculate distance. They were observing us from underwater and they allowed this man to visit the spacecraft in its underwater location. This is a very well documented case filling more than 400 pages of a book called UFO Contact From Planet Iarga.

    Commander Graham Bethune, U.S. Navy (retired) was flying his military plane from Iceland to Newfoundland on February 10, 1951 when he saw a UFO coming out of the water. He was about 300 miles from his destination, when he and his crew saw a glow on the water like approaching a city at night. "As we approached this glow it turned to a monstrous circle of white lights on the water. Then we saw a yellow halo, small, much smaller than whatever it was launched from, about 15 miles away. As the UFO approached my plane and flew alongside it, we could see the domed craft which had a corona discharge."

    A witness for the Disclosure Project, presented at the National Press Club on May 9, 2001 in Washington DC, was Dan Willis, U.S. Navy. He worked in the code room of the communication station in San Francisco. He received a priority message, classified as Secret, from a military ship near Alaska. The ship reported, emerging out of the ocean, near port bow, a brightly glowing, reddish-orange elliptical object approximately 70 feet in diameter. It shot out of the water traveling at about 700 mph. This event was tracked on the ships radar and substantiated.

    There are many instances of sightings such as those, documented in the following books, UFO Contact from Undersea by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo (privately published by Wendelle C. Stevens, 1982) ; Underwater and Underground Bases by Dr. Richard Sauder (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001); and Invisible Residents: A Disquisition upon Certain Matters Maritime, and the Possibility of Intelligent Life under the Waters of This Earth, by Ivan T. Sanderson, 1970 (The World Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio). Often underwater bases are allegedly located near areas of deep-water basins, such as the Puerto Rico Trench not far from the sanctuary of the Humpback whales in the Caribbean that we visit every year.

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    Here's One From 1767:



    Ilias Chrissochoidis writes, "As a doctoral student in the Humanities, I've been spending much time reading 18th-century British periodicals. In one of them I have found a report of an unexplained phenomenon. I leave it to your judgment and experience to decide its merits as a UFO sighting. Extract of a letter from Edinburgh, Sept. 8, 1767 follows:

    "We hear from Perthsire, that an uncommon phaenomenon was observed on the water of Isla, near Cupor Angus, preceded by a thick dark smoke, which soon dispelled, and discovered a large luminous body, like a house on fire, but presently after took a form something pyramidal, and rolled forwards with impetuosity till it came to the water of Erick, up which river it took its direction, with great rapidity, and disappeared a little above Blairgowrie. The effects were as extraordinary as the appearance.

    In its passage, it carried a large cart many yards over a field of grass; a man riding along the high road was carried from his horse, and so stunned with the fall, as to remain senseless a considerable time. It destroyed one half of a house, and left the other behind, undermined and destroyed an arch of the new bridge building at Blairgowrie, immediately after which it disappeared.

    As few appearances of this kind ever were attended with like consequences, various conjectures have been formed concerning it.

    This One Is From 1783


    Extract of a letter from Ostend, Aug. 18.

    "Yesterday evening, at about half past nine, a ball of fire, seemingly as large as the moon at full, was seen to rise out of the sea towards1 the North, and passing over this city seemed to burst, and disperse with great rapidity towards the south. As it passed it seemed to drop particles of fire of a bluish colour, of the size of a star; upon the whole, this phenomenon, which lasted two minutes, was very much like a rocket going off, but of a much larger magnitude, and whilst it passed it was as light as day.”



    "The Diary of Andrew Bloxam," published in 1925 by the Bernice P. Bishop Museam, (Sic) Honolulu, has an account of a strange object rising from the sea a hundred years before:

    "About half past 3 o'clock this morning (Aug. 12, 1825), the middle watch on deck was astonished to find everything around them suddenly illuminated. Turning their eyes to the eastward, they beheld a large, round, luminous body rising up about seven degrees apparently from the water to the clouds, and falling again out of sight, and a second time rising and falling. It was the color of a red-hot [cannon] shot and appeared about the size of the sun... It gave so great a light that a pin might be picked up on deck."




    Catalogue of Observations of Luminous Meteors, from September, 1833, to July, 1848, by the Rev. Prof. Powell. - In the Report of the Association for 1847, Prof. Powell had given an imperfect list of observed luminous meteors, so far as he could collect them, for the years subsequent to the termination of M. Quetelet's Catalogue. The Catalogue itself was not suited to be read in detail. Many of the facts in the Appendix were interesting. The Secretary selected the following as an example: -- "Extract from the Malta Mail Times, August 18th, 1845: 'On June 18th, at 9h. 30m. p.m. the brig Victoria, from Newcastle to Malta, in lat. 36° 40' 56", long. 13° 44' 36” was becalmed, with no appearance of bad weather; when her topgallant and royal masts suddenly went over the side as if carried away by a squall. Two hours it blew very hard from the east; and whilst all hands were aloft reefing topsails, it suddenly fell calm again, and they felt an overpowering heat and stench of sulphur. At this moment three luminous bodies issued from the sea, about half a mile from the vessel, and remained visible for ten minutes (it is not said what became of them). Soon after it began to blow hard again, and the vessel got into a current of cold fresh air.'

    At Ainab, on Mount Lebanon, at the same time, June 18th, at half an hour after sunset, the heavens presented an extraordinary and beautiful though awful spectacle. A fiery meteor - composed of two large bodies, each apparently at least five times larger than the moon, with streamers or appendages from each joining the two, and looking precisely like large flags blown out by a gentle breeze - appeared in the west, remaining visible for an hour, taking an easterly course, and gradually disappeared. The appendages appeared to shine from the reflected light of main bodies, which it was painful to look at for any time. The moon had risen about half an hour before, and there was scarcely any wind." - Sir W.S. Harris characterized this Catalogue as the commencement of a store of valuable facts. The account of the brig Victoria was to him most interesting. He had no doubt it was an electrical phenomenon, exemplifying what Prof. Faraday had described under the name of the glow discharge. Indeed, he had himself imitated the phenomenon artificially; and had recorded a similar fact which had occurred to a vessel when sailing close on a wind under reefed topsails. They saw bearing down from windward, straight on the ship, two wheels of fire, which the men described as rolling mill-stones of fire. When they came near, an awful crash took place, the topmasts were shivered to pieces, and the crew experienced the same overpowering sulphurous stench. The phenomena were thus accounted for: - a highly-charged thunder-cloud was brought down by the wind on the ship; its distance from the sea, though beyond the striking distance, admitted of the "glow discharge," which produced the appearance of the balls or wheels of fire that so alarmed the men. When the cloud came near the ship, its masts brought it within striking distance, - when a discharge or thunder-clap took place. The sulphurous stench was a concomitant of such discharges.

    1873 This Is One Of The Earliest UFO/USO Reports From Australia


    SOUTH AUSTRALIA 2230-2330 hours

    One of the earliest mentions of UFO activity down under dates back to 1873 and comes from the South Australian Register. It concerns a bright light that followed a sailing ship for almost an hour. Captain Lebman, of the ship Adelheid, described the light as “milky-white”. He said it came over the ship in waves, with one wave every two seconds between 10:30 and 11:30 at night.

    “A shuddering feeling was experienced at the sight,” Captain Lebman said, “and the intense light made the eyes ache. During the whole time the sea was illuminated, though not vividly. For a quarter of an hour after it was over, flashes of light were perceptible in the water.” Source: Robin Northover, Post



    Report to the Admiralty by Capt. Evans, the Hydrographer of the British Navy:

    That Commander J. E. Pringle, of H. M. S. Vulture, had reported that, at Lat. 26° 26' N., and Long. 53° 11’ E.--in the Persian Gulf--May 15, 1879, he had noticed luminous waves or pulsations in the water, moving at great speed. This time we have a definite datum upon origin somewhere below the surface. It is said that these waves of light passed under the Vulture. "On looking toward the east, the appearance was that of a revolving wheel with a center on that bearing, and whose spokes were illuminated, and, looking toward the west, a similar wheel appeared to be revolving, but in the opposite direction." Or finally as to submergence--"These waves of light extended from the surface well under the water." It is Commander Pringle's opinion that the shafts constituted one wheel, and that doubling was an illusion. He judges the shafts to have been about 25 feet broad, and the spaces about 100. Velocity about 84 miles an hour. Duration about 35 minutes.

    1880 Bermuda Triangle


    Again, in 1880, a show that lasted for an hour was seen by R. E. Harris, Commander of the S.S. Shahjehan, on January 5th. He recounted:

    "The most remarkable phenomenon that I have ever seen at sea was witnessed by myself and officers . . . between Oyster Reef and Pigeon Key [Malabar Coast]. At 10 p.m. we were steaming along very comfortably; there was a perfect calm, the water was without a ripple in it, the sky was cloudless and, there being no moon, the stars shone brightly. The atmosphere was beautifully clear, and the night was one of great quietude. "

    “... I went on deck, and at once observed a streak of white matter on the horizon bearing south-southwest. I went on the bridge and pointed it out to the third officer. In a few minutes it had assumed the shape of a segment of a circle measuring about 45 degrees in length and several degrees in altitude about its center. At this time it shone with a peculiar but beautiful milky whiteness, and resembled . . . the nebulae sometimes seen in the heavens. We were steaming to the southward, and as the bank of light extended, one of its arms crossed our path. The whole thing appeared so foreign to anything I had ever seen, and so wonderful, that I stopped the ship just on its outskirts so that I might try for a true and just conception of what it really was. By this time all the officers and engineers had assembled on deck . . . and all were equally astonished and interested.”

    "Some little time before the first body of light reached the ship I saw [with my night glasses] a huge mass of nebulous matter. I distinctly saw spaces between what again appeared to be waves of light of great lustre. These came rolling on with ever increasing rapidity till they reached the ship, and in a short time the ship was completely surrounded with one great body of undulating light, which soon extended to the horizon on all sides. On looking into the water, it was seen to be studded with patches of faint, luminous, inanimate matter, measuring about two feet in diameter. . . . The waves (of light) stood many degrees above the water, like a highly luminous mist, and obscured . . . the distant horizon; and as wave succeeded wave in rapid succession, one of the most grand and brilliant, yet solemn, spectacles . . . was here witnessed. [The waves of light were not] mere ripplings . . . but waves of great length and breadth . . . great bodies of light. If the sea could be converted into a huge mirror and thousands of powerful electric lights were made to throw their rays across it, it would convey no adequate idea of this strange yet grand phenomenon.”

    "As the waves of light converged upon the ship from all sides, they appeared higher than her hull and looked as if they were about to envelop her, and as they impinged upon her, her sides seemed to collapse and expand.”

    "Whilst this was going on, the ship was perfectly at rest, and the water was like a millpond."

    This reference: “Bermuda Triangle Special Report 1977,” compiled by the editors of SAGA Magazine & UFO Report. “Strange Underwater Wheels of Light” by Lucius Farish & Dale M. Titler, © 1977.

    1880 In The Persian Gulf


    Knowledge, Dec. 28, 1883

    Seeing so many meteorological phenomena in your excellent paper Knowledge, I am tempted to ask for an explanation of the following, which I saw when on board the British India Company's steamer Patna, while on a voyage up the Persian Gulf. In May 1880, on a dark night, about 11:30 P.M., there suddenly appeared on each side of the ship an enormous luminous wheel, whirling around, the spokes of which seemed to brush the ship along. The spokes would be 200 or 300 yards long and resembled the birch rods of the dames' schools. Each wheel contained about sixteen spokes, and, although the wheels must have been some 500 or 600 yards in diameter, the spokes could be distinctly seen all the way round. The phosphorescent gleam seemed to glide along flat on the surface of the sea, no light being visible in the air above the water. The appearance of the spokes could be almost exactly represented by standing in a boat and flashing a bull's-eye lantern horizontally along the surface of the water, round and round. I may mention that the phenomenon was also seen by Captain Avern, of the Patna, and Mr. Manning, third officer.

    Lee Fore Brace.

    "P. S. --The wheels advanced along with the ship for about twenty minutes. --L.F.B.

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    Another Case From Australia In 1881

    Witnessed BY King George V Of England!

    06-11-1881*** King George V of England ***

    In the Cruise of the Bacchante, a work compiled from the journals of the late King George V of England ( then Duke of York ) and his brother Prince Albert Victor, is reported the sighting of a phantom ship. The brothers served as midshipmen on H.M.S. Bacchante’s round the world voyage between 1879 and 1882.
    At 4 A.M. on July 11, 1881 [Note: Date error – Should be June, not July-CF], while the vessel was sailing to Sydney from Melbourne, Australia, the late King’s diary says an eerie red light was noticed. His account follows:
    In the midst of the red light, the masts, spars and sails of a brig two hundred yards distant stood out in strong relief as she came up on the port bow. The lookout in the forecastle reported her as close to the bow, while also the officer of the watch from the bridge clearly saw her. So did the quarterdeck midshipman, who was sent forward at once to the forecastle; but on arriving, there was no vestige or sign of any material ship. The night was clear and the sea calm.
    Thirteen persons altogether saw her. Two other ships of the squadron, the Tourmaline and the Cleopatra, who were sailing off our starboard bow, asked whether we had seen the strange red light.


    Captain Moore, British steamship Siberian, reports, "Nov. 12, midnight, Cape Race bearing west by north, distant ten miles, wind strong south by east, a large ball of fire appeared to rise out of the sea to a height of about fifty feet and come right against the wind close up to the ship. It then altered its course and ran along with the ship to a distance of about one and one-half miles. In about two minutes it again altered its course and went away to the south-east against the wind. It lasted, in all, not over five minutes. Have noticed the same phenomenon before off Cape Race, and it seemed to indicate that an easterly or south-easterly gale was coming on." (Science, 10:324, 1887)




    HARDIN, Ill., Sept. 18. -- For some time past rumors have been circulated in Hardin to the effect that Diamond Island, in the [Mississippi] river about two miles from this place, was the home of a ghost. The stories concerning the movements of the alleged spook were, of course, not given any credence at first, but later, when several reputable citizens of Hardin announced that they had positively seen an uncanny looking object moving about on the island at night, the rumors were more seriously considered. Now, after investigation, the mysterious something is no longer considered a myth.

    Along toward midnight a peculiar light is seen at the foot of the island. It has the appearance of a huge ball of fire and is about the size and shape of an ordinary barrel.

    A few night (sic) ago a party of young men from this place determined to visit the island and fathom the mystery, if possible. Equipped with revolvers, knives, shotguns, and clubs, the party secured a boat and were soon cutting through the water at a good speed for a point on the island near where the specter usually made its appearance. Arriving at the landing place, the skiff was hauled up on the shore, and the young men took up a position in a clump of trees close at hand to watch and wait.

    Suddenly the whole point of the island was illumined (sic) as a bright red object rose apparently from the water and glided up into the air. Ascending probably to a height of forty yards, the watchers saw the lurid ball fade away.

    The investigating party had seen what they wanted. They made a mad rush for the boat, but, just as they reached the place where it had been left, they were horrified to see the little craft moving out on the water from the island. At first its only occupant seemed to be the red ball of fire, but the next moment the watchers saw the crimson object gradually take the form of a man, and they saw him, too, dip the oars at regular intervals and pull a long, steady stroke. The man's features were fully concealed by a wide-rimmed slouch hat which was drawn over his face. A peculiar light illumined (sic) the boat and the waters around it, making the craft and its mysterious occupant perfectly discernible to the party on the shore, who stood paralyzed with fear, unable to speak or move, their eyes riveted by some mysterious influence they could not resist on the spectral object before them.

    The boat was now about in midstream, and suddenly the group of watchers saw the skiff's occupant change again into the crimson ball. Then it slowly began to move upward, and when it was about parallel with the tops of the trees on the island, it disappeared. Next instant the watchers looking across the river saw nothing but the flickering lights in Hardin.

    The cries of the crowd on the island awakened a sleeping fisherman on the opposite side of the river, and he kindly pulled across and rescued the ghost-seeking youths.

    The fiery spook, it is said, still makes its nightly trips to Diamond Island, but no more investigating parties have ventured across the (sic – to) solve the mystery.


    Between January 11 and April 10th, 1892


    On January 11, 1892, the U.S. steamship Thetis sailed from San Diego for the west coast of Baja California on Mexico's west coast. On April 10 the Atlanta Constitution printed a long account, written for it by expedition member George W. Crusselle. The following is an excerpt:

    There was an incident that has been a perfect puzzle to everyone that has heard of it. Perhaps someone is able to elucidate the phenomenon satisfactorily.

    There are several salt water lagoons running in from the beach which swarm with the finest kinds of birds. One day Mr. S. L. Cutbereil and myself went over into the largest lagoon hunting and had tramped around quite a long time getting only single shots, but keeping a lookout for a larger flock to shoot into. Suddenly we saw what looked at first to be a large body of birds, but almost as quickly as we saw it, it had changed its appearance from a dark to a brilliant color, about the same dazzling appearance that reflected sunlight from a mirror or polished surface has. It was approaching us from the sea and traveling inland. At first it was in the shape of a balloon and about fifty feet high by thirty broad and traveled very rapidly. Again it changed its form into the shape of an hourglass and made a most terrific swoop down on to the surface of the water in the lagoon and spread out all over the surface, covering it with a most brilliant halo of light. It only remained there a moment when it rose again and formed itself in several fantastic shapes in quick succession, and traveling with the rapidity of lightning almost, first in one direction and then another, changing its course by abrupt angles. These peculiar antics kept up for fifteen minutes at least, and it finally disappeared away inland.

    It struck me as being a sack of phosphorescent gas, for it never showed a ragged edge, but smooth edges, just as a rubber sack full of air would be mashed in different shapes. We thought it was sunlight reflected from some clouds, but on looking, there was not a piece of cloud visible as large as a handkerchief, nor was there a helostadt [sic, heliostat] within a thousand miles of us, most probably, which could throw such a powerful reflection and that size, too. After we lost sight of it, we were almost blinded and not able to discern objects clearly for a half hour afterwards. If someone can explain it, I would be very glad to hear from them.


    This date is based on the newspaper publication date in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and yet the event occurred off the coast of Florida, so some days had probably elapsed before publication. – CF-

    NEW YORK, Feb. 8. -- Captain Corning of the British schooner W. and H. Wortherspoon, from Porto Cabello, reports a peculiar phenomenon while his vessel was in the Gulf Stream, on the west coast of Florida. The captain says he saw strange lights which apparently would rise from the water and ascend to a height of about 25 feet and then, after a report similar to an explosion, would go out. Captain Corning has no explanation to make of this strange phenomenon, but is positive that he did see the lights.



    Iowa Falls, April 14 -- Many people here are confident that the airship of the latter-day notoriety lies at the bottom of the Iowa River a short distance above this city. Shortly after dusk last evening, several people were attracted by a meteoric-like flash across the heavens and attended by a whirring noise that the passage of a heavy body through the air at a rapid rate might make. The light and the dark form which seemed to follow it approached the earth at a terrific speed, and parties living near the river declare that it struck the water and immediately sunk out of sight. Those who reached the point of the object's disappearance first claim that the water was churned into a whirlpool and that for a long distance the water was seething and boiling. The theory advanced by many is that the airship, while passing over this section, became unmanageable, and in the efforts of the people aboard to land, shot downward and plunged headlong into the river and after striking the bottom, the propelling power of the ship dashed the waters into a foam. Nothing can be seen from the surface and nothing has come to the surface that might indicate the ship or its occupants, and the supposition is that the occupants were killed or drowned and with them the secret of the ship. Searching parties are now being organized to search the river and, if possible, raise the wreck. Thousands are expected here every hour by special trains from all parts of the compass and the whole matter has caused a big sensation. The field is a green one for enterprising correspondents and the advance phalanx is expected in the morning.

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