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Thread: Back Like This....

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    Default Back Like This....

    I am an animal Blastmatical definitely jamming with those Juxies
    killing your flow and crush those sucker emcees like cookies/
    you can't book me in any flavor given a favor
    I ain't even on an major when i'm just pimping like a player/
    GAME-OVER cold shoulder money folder didn't I tell ya
    mad like a villain when doom blooms all gloom consumes/
    lord up, watch me load up and defeat cha host
    you parasite parable animal get back you ain't no cannibal/
    my clones be bones you shoveling to make
    I drop grates on heads that weren't awaken when photos were taken/
    get cha skin sizzling like bacon, blazing flames open new lanes
    take down sustain bust more styles than anything you could create/
    beat cha dialect until a riot is settled edited down to demos
    leaving your flow ousted like another blockbuster video rental/
    tone touch flow bust roll clutch don't cha give me beats
    others have ripped, devastated and now we collaborate/
    I rather instigate and rhyme a debate hate cha fate
    get cha building materials and become more imperial/
    etherael known through thrones blown off tombs of the unknown
    get my clones back Lex Luthor i'm in the booth to prove ya wrong/
    off the hook check the books, now we all about different looks
    military built to carry out any assult as they order take out/
    I take no breaks awaken show those fated jaded
    outweighing those and use e'm as paper weights/
    craft swords forged by the Gods
    breaking boards karate chop slop/
    opt out cha calling card driven by the yard
    balling too hard with chicks cheering too long/
    falling to far, if it's broken I guess you should fix it
    well in arms known through instruction manuals/
    wrestling me in matches slap catches watch panic
    if your daring to test, I can DDT you through the table/
    and slap on them ankle locks like Kurt Angle
    don't got too much left to wrangle/

    don't let them tell you any different
    you can't do what ever you want
    for instance....in this sentence..
    I meant it....cuz Iam Back Like This
    and you ain't heard nobody rip like this

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    Inspektah Meth-Tical


    Fuck this was a nice drop.

    "mad like a villain when doom blooms all gloom consumes"

    probably has to be my fave line of the verse. I like how you're verses are quite long and you don't run out of steam in any of them.

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    sometimes i perfer shit that is stretched out

    look at typical verse they 8 bars, hook/chrous then another 8 bars

    shit is too formal, all though i can do that easily

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