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    Default urban assault


    they round us up for reasons that override a probable cause
    driving by mean-mugging hating how we walk and how we talk
    I say it's time we man up and fight the pigs "urban assault'

    verse 1

    there's no justfiable reason for the murders they commit
    the higher-up's are the commanders orchestrating the hits
    pull you over in the whip with guns drawn on some rambo shit
    on the corner the corrupt one's robbing dealers for bricks
    drugs planted in your jeans that's how they set-up kids
    it's with them i'm fed-up with so one day infinite ammo spits
    tired of backing down tired of them putting my face in the ground
    punching me for speaking my rights..hit me with kicks, and slaps
    on my face they spat mad cause i have legit bank and a caddilac
    probably see me on the high-way and want to take my car off track
    the hatred is heavy so i don't drive relaxed
    their set-up's are set-backs they got me vexed enough to clap
    they prey on us in packs tazing us and putting night-sticks in our backs

    verse two

    all i do is teach the youth to be concious of their surroundings
    and be prepared to shoot when cops surround them
    these are the times were living in i'm not giving in
    cops punching females these demons need to be disciplined
    with a bat to the temple ribs and knecks were breaking then
    that's what it's coming too either you fight back or their easily killing you
    it's deeper than revolution but best believe it's Mumia approved
    if their screening me better believe their screening you
    tracking you with radar paying my brothers and sisters off to be traitors
    theyr'e the real haters original men annihilators
    remember it's bigger than pigs their orders are to cap our wigs
    but no matter what they try if i die my seeds are destined to live
    my soldiers ready to die like notorious b.i.G.
    it's deeper than a story recognize the reality and realness
    and your a lost sheep if you didn't feel this
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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