Welcome to this district's first meeting, a series of sessions
our city streets are sick and we need the medicine
there are doctors indeed present,
but their means go beyond what we can accept as decent
we are the police presence,
but at this point we are faced with hard choices
our city is besieged by a new terrorist breed,
instead of threats of greed they request the reigns of regime
a rain of
followed by a reign of uncaring kings
they are more than prepared for our best fleets
often our
best bet is
but from these defeats rise men in masks with passion and steel,
through battles and newsreels they are revealed to be merely mortals in
this brings me to the dossiers in front of you
your task is to review the evidence and give a report
to your fellow officers, I expect this in the morning.....


There is little difference between justice and revenge,
saved by enemies only to be gunned down by friends
where's the fairness?
life is a hair trigger against a schizophrenic off his med list
there's no question what I do is illegal and sadistic,
but I measure my sins against what was done my wife and kids
one life to live,
gun, knife or spit
seen through my mask's slits, my eyes show a soul pushed to it's limits
I am a stone molded by Pharaoh's apprentices,
shown a scarecrow as my image,
I wrote my own ticket as a royal physician
between twisting scrolls and idiot's visions,
I put terror into local hoodlums and their ignorant minions
anti-hero or admirable villain? I prefer to not make the decision,
as you know, the jury's decision is still pending....
Dead weight primal end tape
just got bushed by someone who think he's a god, just a man with powers/
masked on, Sheep Lord back on while prostitutes solicit me
as I stroll down the block waiting to clock/
police band raided five blocks before they get delayed get cha game face on
Nixon, Carters, Regans and Bushes ain't got this, they're just devilish dead fish floundering politician corrupted vision fiscal situations get vigilantes up in ruckus with this mask law on top of us/
stand up stand tall fixed rolling through alley ways
got a hunch hit S-9's underground place/
they already fled switch back cross rooftops grappling gun boom never stops
get the drop on bad guys in the night hour, midnight scour
pure power rage fit quit cha tough talk break limbs in shimmy shanks/
closed quarter combat lummox gets done back down to fried beans
now hide means those don't know my face without my mask on/
bask in glory hated to see this story the fiend I was after
got his means by stuffing his face full of kerosene
sometimes sick twisted bastards deserve torture/
not soft on crime no more after than kiddy porn addictive rapist
tactical radical off the hook back to move this rook into position/
gotten my name from the streets I claimed cleaning with fists so easily
replayed my life though videos and audio tapes rehearse what I just did/
hit the beaper it's cheaper than a call to my celly
now i'm a tell all you bad guys GET IN MY BELLY of JUSTICE/
hated the way the news portrayed Sheep Lord saying I was a lunatic
proven quick this is the season of the vick speak your mind/
I might be a vigilante ripping mouths off those pieces
now your gon have to act funnier than any comedian/

Born into this wonderful nightmare,
number 1 rule no one fights fair,
with a slight stare incite fear, I see through their dark hearts,
conniving schemes, plots, and brash thoughts,
overcomed by visions of the sinister ripped apart,
brings a smile to my face that once was lost,
as faith and hope is now defined by cost,
I soak up the feelings & pain of millions,
pull over the mask and its the rorsach villian,
im a chameleon that walks undetected through the public,
administering beat downs, the haymakers crown, who wants it?
birds sing as stars revolve around heads of my many victims,
devils capturing cream preying on our dreams In this system,
class rape by way of special interests,
monopolize hate WAR addiction condition,
globally we've succumbed to this big business!,
bear witness!! i'm so sick of this sickness,
inflict hits quick hope your not on my shitlist,
left listless from my punishing physics,
Commitment! to leave you littered with stitches,
enrichment of your soul by way of my swift fists,
resist this and be sprawled out like bitches,
just listen...
Im the Prosecutor, Judge and Jury!
There's no parole just pain and purgatory!
kidnappers, pedophiles, rapist and murderers you better worry,
hurry up scurry about!
I'm truley devout,
Pain is what i'm balancing out,
blunt trauma blood splatter Dexter can't figure it out!,
The agony felt is so severe,
you can't treat it with needles alcohol or pills,
Pain so agonizing you can feel & hear it,
Barrage of fists so bad it bruises spirit's!
the Sections watchin, temple tower clocksmen
trackin movements formin pure undiluted, fumin
disillusioned populace, defended by unknown risks
compact disks calculated the procedures, the merger
of corparate and governemnt, democrat, republican
businessmen and servant, unified dictatorship
undetected radar blip, seance with a say on shit
slayed from beyond a sea bound crypt
stowaway on a sea bound ship, sabotage,
evac to a helicopter lift, dynamite sticks
rock the core of politics, chaos ensued splits
pitfalls of society translated through glyphs
locked grips, the Section remains in the mist