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Thread: Fritz Springmeier BACK in prison!

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    Default Fritz Springmeier BACK in prison!

    Latest! Fritz Springmeier has been removed from Oregon Halfway House in Portland. We suspect he has been returned to FCI Sheridan P.O. Box 8000 27072 Ballston Road, Sheridan, Oregon 97378-9601


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    Gordon said (January 16, 2011):

    Dr Makow

    Most likely, Springmeier is back in gaol because he circulated an ad via email concerning publication of the new book, of which he is co-author. I didn't save the email so I don't have the name of the book or the other author

    the Powers-that-Be will say that by doing that, he breached his probation terms

    if I'm correct, then you have an ethical dilemma all your own : do you give his book even more publicity on your website, and thus spread his message even more, or hold back, hoping that declining will assist him.

    I've found that 'you cannot grovel low enough to please the devil'.



    The book is "Worldwide Evil & Misery" by Robin de Ruiter

    Most prisoners in half-way houses are told not to repeat the crime they are convicted of, funny that Springmeier was told not to write or speak on certain matters.

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    free fritz!
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    very profound man, when you speak the truth, either the (government) tries to lock you up on fallacious charges or kill (as with the situation w/ William Cooper)

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    Jan 22, 2011

    Several days ago, I noticed that your update reported that Fritz would be moved to Sheridan. Yesterday, 1/22/11, the US Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website finally reflected that fact. If you go to that site, you can see the current status of any federal inmate by using the inmate locator.

    Here is the info for Fritz in the federal system: http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/InmateFinde...Age=&x=75&y=16

    As you can see, at this time his release date is still 3/26/2011, and it says he's in Sheridan FCI. One thing I can say in favor of Sheridan, is it is one of the better facilities in the system. It's located in scenic farming and wine country, the climate is temperate and it's not overcrowded. If nothing else, federal prisons are usually better than the county jails--better food, and, once in prison, an inmate no longer has to deal with temporary, county inmates who, fresh off the street, are going cold-turkey off their addictions (Including cigarettes, which are now being banned in a lot of facilities nowadays.).

    I haven't heard from him yet, but they've been transporting him, while I've been chasing (and wasted 2 attempts X $18.23 ) express overnight mail envelopes, used in the attempt to get $100 to him at Multnomah County Jail, in Portland, OR. I just got the "Return to Sender" from the 2nd attempt to County Jail, and will finally be sending $100 to place on his books this week at the prison--Sheridan Federal Corrections Institution (FCI).

    As for how to get money to him, he'll be getting $100 from me this week. In the meantime write to him at the address below and coordinate further funds with him. IMPORTANT--Inmate personal mail and Inmate funds, go to 2 different addresses that I will give to you. As for his PayPal account, personally, I would wait to hear from him first, before putting money in his PayPal account, since, he cannot access the account to confirm his balances at this time.

    To write to Fritz personally, here's how to address the envelope:

    Fritz Springmeier 65941-065
    Sheridan FCI
    PO Box, 5000
    Sheridan, OR 97378

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    Fritz Springmeier Writes from Prison
    January 28, 2011

    Dear Wife and friends,

    The moment of truth when I will find out why I have been arrested and thrown in prison has still not arrived, even though it has been over two weeks since I was taken into custody. Basically 4 scenarios could play out---they realize a mistake was made and release me (not likely); they bar me from the halfway house for 30 days which means in two weeks I'm released; they keep me in prison until my sentence is over in March and then release me to approved housing (most likely in my opinion); they give me new charges and keep me in prison for an extended period of time (Lord have mercy, for I have done nothing wrong).

    I continue to love the Lord, and my spirits are fine. I know how to do prison time! I am locked down for 20 hours out of the day, so it is hard to be productive with my time. Many of the projects I was working on to get my life re-established are down the drain. But we all have to take life as it comes, and make the best of it. The staff here claim they don't know why I'm here and don't know what will happen to me.

    I want to give a special thanks to my wife Patty for her incredible quick and loving response to this latest tragedy. I feel so sad for so many people who are going to be stressed out about all this. There were many people making plans around my release, incl. a partner who wanted to work with me at getting the Bloodlines book translated into Spanish, and the sales more mainstreamed.

    If I get out, I believe I need to keep a lower profile, as this last time, there was just to much flak sent my way. Every day I received around 90 emails trying to scam me or do other injustice! The guy who hacked into and hijacked my account may be the reason I'm in here, and he really made of hash of my job searching efforts when I was using my original email address.

    I am trying my best to preserve my health. With the money that just arrived I hope to get some commissary food which will take the pressure off of my situation, and allow me to have better nutrition, and some shower shoes to prevent foot disease, and stamps to write people, etc. I have again tried to get my release address changed from Portland to where I was offered a job, and again have been denied. Thanks so much for reading this and your concern for me. The bottom line is that I continue to love the Lord and trust that He can bring some good out of all this.



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