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Thread: Freedom & Equality

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    Default Freedom & Equality

    Freedom is the ability to live freely and do as you wish while
    equality is when everybody regardless the class has the same amount of rights and treatments.

    Are the compatible or contradictory?

    Drop ya thoughts please.

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    Freedom is the need for independence and spontaneity. It is also the need to have choices and to feel in control of making those choices. Many people might have the need for freedom that goes along with adventure. People with the need for freedom will tend to partake in more adventurous venues. Freedom does not care for plans of heavy structure. Some examples are

    Having choices and making their own choices
    Feeling free to move around without restrictions
    Feeling free to make choices on their job
    Making choices about relationships
    Choosing where they live
    Refusing to obey rules that were created by others
    Advocating freedom as a basic human right
    Keeping their options open, not making decisions
    Re-arranging their home or office
    Unique way of dressing, hair style, appearance
    Feeling free to be themselves not matter what the situation
    Searching for their own answers, rather than others opinions
    Refusing to make a commitment
    Emotionally unavailable

    Positive aspects: Meeting the need in a positive way will tend to give you the feeling of independence, self confidence, high self esteem, teaching others, clarity

    Negative aspects: Meeting the needs in a negative way can lead to relationship avoidance, fear of commitment, separation and distancing from others, inability to understand others and be understood, manipulative (imposing on people’s freedom), martyrdom (feeling stuck, trapped, or sorry for your self)

    People with the need for freedom may resist any and all attempts to impose new rules on them. They need to be in an environment where independent thinking and spontaneity can be rewarded. They make good teachers of people who are expected to exercise independent judgment. If your around people with the need for freedom you will get along best with them if you recognize and respect their need to make choices for themselves. If you have the need for freedom must recognize that need in yourself, and not put yourself in situations that are very rule oriented, rather you must look for situations where your freedom can be exercised appropriately.

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