another vs. thread, i kinda like see the outcomes of those. "Headhunters" was one of the albums that got me into fusion music, Herbie Hancock really made a classic with that one and it became the highest selling "jazz" album of all time + it has been sampled numerous times by hip-hop artists such as Kool G Rap and NaS. it's just as much instrumental funk as it is jazz/fusion. Hancock really proves he's a master at electric piano and knows how to make music with emphazis on the bottom, Bennie Maupin's reed playing is otherwordly too and the african rhythms takes it to the next level.

"On The Corner" on the other hand came a few years earlier (and even had Hancock as one of three keyboardists) and Miles really changed his style once again with that. there's not many melodies at all, it's based on african and indian rhythms where nobody and everybody solos at the same time. but it also has alot of funk elements and even inspiration from classical composer Stockhausen. one of the weirdest albums of all time. first time i heard it, i didn't understand what the fuck he was doing but as with most 70s Miles album after repeated listens i really started understand what he was trying to do. great album for sure.

what's wu corps verdict on these two alternative classics?