From what I've read it was but one of a number of influential and relatively large pre colonial African empires that had sophisticated laws and governance etc.

They also strike me as a very noble looking peoples.

I also know of the Kush empire which was said to be huge and the advancements in Ethiopia.

It's my hope that people stop citing the Egyptians as the only source of African prowess and achievement in empire terms. Of course it was the most famous but others must be recognised.

Also its important to know about empires like Asante, what would I consider be true Black empires, ie Sub-Saharan Africa not Northern Africa which in also in the times of the Egyptian Emprie could hardly be called a 'Black' Empire just because some of their Pharaohs were true blacks. My knowledge in this field is not advanced, but plenty of ethnic minorities have risen to high prominence in ancient times, and the Egyptians used to enslave the Nubians, who would be considered true Blacks. It could easily be plausible the decent or the actual freed or enslaved Nubian or other sub saharan afrian could have risen to be Pharaoh.

Once again it's understandable why many Pan Africanists etc want to cite Egypt and the likes of Killah Priest but really...

My knowledge isn't advanced in this field just want to know other peoples thoughts.

cmon son.