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Thread: ((~'~'~Grim Reapa; Cocaine Livin~~~))

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    Default ((~'~'~Grim Reapa; Cocaine Livin~~~))

    Its 5 o clock in the mornin, got my sunglasses on
    Trynna stay awake, crossin the border so the deal dont go wrong
    Swervin tire marks cross the road

    Head full of blow nuff' to make it explode
    Can feel my heart beat a hundred miles per hour
    Been on the road for three weeks, in desperate need of a shower
    My partner and me thinkin how the loot'll be ours

    Lookin at my hands, my fingers start twitchin
    Heart beatin through my temples, start sweatin and itchin
    And I dont even know if we'll get this stash of blow
    Cross the borders of Cali in to Mexico

    But that shit aint even crossin my mind,
    My vision is fadin the road starts to get blurry
    I punch the gas and drive in a ma fuckin hurry
    Then I hear sirens and check my rear view mirror
    Police comin up fast I can see em get nearer
    So I punch the gas the egine blows up
    I pull over check my glasses as the cop shows up

    Hes shinin his light on me im trynna play it smoothe
    asks me to give him my license, Trynna not be rude
    "Quite a load in your trunk, is there somethin ya hidin"
    No sir just a regular citizen law-abibin
    "Well lemme take a look see"
    I open the car door
    As I do he points his glock on me and tells me to hit the floor
    So then I start runnin I see the border ahead
    Bein filled by led the cop aims the gun at my head
    My heart stops knowing that I'll soon be dead
    Runnin through the desert
    the bullet hit me and i bled
    Stopped in my tracks Dyin from a bullet wound
    Seein nothin but lookin knowin I'd be soon...

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    Default Re: ((~'~'~Grim Reapa; Cocaine Livin~~~))

    wanted to post it outside my thread 1 time thanks

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    Default Re: ((~'~'~Grim Reapa; Cocaine Livin~~~))

    wheres my verse mah fucka!!

    (it was still hot tho wouldve been better with me on board)
    I got styles sick as hell, sicker than sickle cell anemia, slaughter your circulatory like lukemia

    - AZ

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    Default Re: ((~'~'~Grim Reapa; Cocaine Livin~~~))

    hey that shit was pretty tight and like i said we all gotta drop sumthing together REAL soon

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    Default Re: ((~'~'~Grim Reapa; Cocaine Livin~~~))

    I got a track called "Cocaine Livin'" that I posted in here, too...I posted it like two weeks ago...so I hope that I will be able to use that title for a mixtape...

    "Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."

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