i'll linguistically tongue twist opponents in the right moments
fuck up their verbal game, showing who's more potent
unlike most people, i show a real love for rap
36 chambers, infamous, illmatic, and boombap
the great hip hop historian despite my age
i'll leave fab 5 freddy history himself in the first page
hip-hop is my true living, always up for a listen
it's my religion, the priest was rapping when i was being christened
i'm trying to rejuvinate this disaster
the game right now is a dented wall, and i'm laying down the plaster
we should start fresh with MCs straight from the underground sector
and exeucute these no-love-for music quick money collectors
i'm getting known in peoples eyes for giving the infected game penicilin
and for that people call me a hero, but others call me a villain
but they don't know that music is a way of life not a dealin'
so you probably heard propaganda and slander
but it's all political satire cuz i'm hip-hop's commander
in chief, steamed cuz i took over the game in a state of grief
with a great disbelief among most people that i won't bring relief
but let me tell you something, you just wait and see what i got
till i have the whole underground going bellevue and real MCs getting second shots