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    UCADIA, EDP Deception

    "The future of the world depends on the future of the United Nations"

    This is a quote from the healtheearth.org website, an affiliate of the ucadia.com website evidently authored by Australian Frank OíCollins. It is Frankís intention for everyone on the planet to join in this "Unique Collective Awareness of DIA." (Covenant of One Heaven, Article 25.1, oneheaven.org). DIA are symbols with which the Ucadian Language is built.

    UCADIA is a model of a global society comprised of several societies and unions (Globe Union, Africans union, Americas union, Arabian union, Asia union, Euro union, Oceanic union) all subject to several Charters representing the supreme and only law of the Globe Union. (Note: All websites mentioned in this article are owned by Frank OíCollins).

    In order to better understand this model and itís much larger implications, I offer an overview of many of these websites and itís contents. I leave it to the readerís discretion to further study and research the extensive amount of information available on these websites.


    "To bring together the greatest corporations of history"

    "Collectively, the association of the 1000 greatest corporations shall represent the largest collective economic entity in the world. Therefore by right, the association shall seek proper and formal recognition as a permanent state of the United Nations (UN) with representation on its highest bodies. Only when the existence and importance of corporations is recognized in such a proper way shall the highest political bodies give due respect to the power of business to be a force for good and help the world."

    "28.1 Membership of United Nations (UN) Consistent with the UCADIAN plans to assist in the reform of the United Nations(UN) Charter, it is a primary goal of this Constitution and One-Corp that it shall be officially recognized as a state and permanent member of the United Nations."

    Frank believes that, due to the great wealth and abilities of the top corporations of the world, an association of these corporations, recognized as a permanent state of the UN, could "help transform economies and end poverty and suffering." (25.2)

    It is important to note that the One-Corp logo includes an all-seeing-eye pyramid within a circle and the words "global corporate kindness" displayed at the bottom and praises Bill Gates as an "example of the power and capacity of an organisation to effect global policy changes in the area of health reform for millions suffering in Africa.". (25.2)

    (References - Constitution for One-Corp)


    Made up of the member unions, the Globe Union and its "Charter represents the first and supreme law of the Globe Union." (2.2) "This Charter represents an instrument of power in that it holds as the primary text upon which the structure, rules and systems of society shall function. (2.3)

    The Globe-Union Charter is to be the regulating body for:

    Property - "no international association, society, person, entity, aggregate holds higher Rights and Title." 20.1
    Article 84 - Agriculture Systems
    Article 85 - Building & Construction Systems
    Article 86 - Culture & Entertainment Systems
    Article 87 - Disease Prevention & Sanitation
    Article 88 - Education Systems
    Article 89 - Employment Systems
    Article 93 - Food & Drugs Agency
    Article 16.3 Freedom of information and national security "While the right to disclosure should always be the first right, it is a principle of this Charter that Union security must prevail in sometimes restricting the rights to access information."

    6. National Objects - Article 66 - National Citizens. "...national citizens are citizens of member states recognized as having legal rights and privileges..."

    The following are extracts from a book authored by Frank, entitled Journey of Self. In section 18, EKELOS - ethical economics.:

    18.12 Unique digital avatars

    "In the 21st century, all human beings are identified by electronic information in some way on a number of computer systems. This electronic information might be as simple as dates of births, deaths and marriages. Electronic information will also exist if a person has a bank account, or earns income and is subject to paying taxes."

    "...the digital avatar is the singular accurate record, it is based on some kind of method of unifying data source and extraction between companies that depend on basic information about individuals."

    Frank claims that identity fraud is "only going to get worse." and that a clear electronic identity "will ensure a person will not be able to falsify their appearance, digital information or biology when crossing borders and checkpoints." Checkpoints?!?

    Note : This section on ethical economics was removed on December 2nd 2010. Which happens to be three days after I posted an article entitled "Brian T. Collins, UCADIA exposed!" on the freemanitoba.com forum, in which I quote from this section. But thanks to googleís cache you can view a snapshot of the page as it appeared before the change, at this address : http://www.ucadia.com/me/m18m180900.htm

    You would also be required to "demonstrate a regular written and recited understanding and acknowledgment of these rights. (Your rights granted to you by the Charters and Code of Rights) As the oath of rights shall represent not only the summary of all unique matters of law but an easy device to learn, any argument based on essential ignorance of the law....by a man, woman or corporation...shall not be permitted"

    Article 42 - The Globe Reserve Bank "It is the principal financial organ of the Globe Union."

    Article 64 - Union Currency - "The official fiat currency of the Union shall be the Globe Silver credit, representing a unit of Supreme Fiat Value, underwritten by Universal Gold Credits..."

    34.2 "Structure of a Universal Gold Credit By this article, the following criteria shall be the essential requirements of a (all-seeing-eye symbol inserted here) Universal Gold Credit"

    EKELOS - ethical economics

    18.9 "A single global currency however, would fundamentally alter and enable a revolution in the way trade is conducted around the world."

    18.9.1 "...a credit would be a corporate created device storing credits through their credit network (such as EFTPOS)" - (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale)

    Note : This section was changed on December 7th 2010.

    46.5 "UCADIA as the official language of Globe Union By the authority of this Charter, the UCADIAN symbolic language shall be the official language for all official documents, titles, deeds, warrants and objects authorized to be created by its articles."

    I believe this language has been created to replace Legalese as the language of law. As we all know, legalese was created in order to deceive the ignorant. How many of us know how to read Ucadian?

    Frank also lists other affiliates such as heal-the-earth.org and protect-the-earth.org and stresses the formation of a global union to combat external threats and climactic disasters. He states that "Without adequate defences, the Earth will be hit by an external impact in the future; (2) Even if the event is not an extinction level event or major climactic disaster, such an impact even psychologically will cause widespread chaos to the global economy of the human race"

    "Heal-The-Earth.Org outlines clearly a political blueprint for solving every major political and diplomatic (problems) facing humanity today. It addresses the reforms needed of the United Nations."

    One stated goal on heal-the-earth.org is "To encourage the pharmaceutical industry to make essential drugs more widely available and affordable by all who need them in developing countries."

    He lists NGOís such as the World Health Organisation, Clinton Global Initiative and GreenPeace as "Non-Government organisations....dedicated to helping the world and making a difference."

    UCADIA believes that everything from jobs to corporations to members should all be registered under the Great Register of One Heaven.


    "...The One Heaven Society is a free association of all men, women and higher order spirits, living and deceased who have come together and incorporated under the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven".
    The Covenant of One Heaven is the legal framework upon which One Heaven is built.

    25.1 "Unique Collective Awareness means the unique collection of all things" and represents a spiritual and legal presence, a structure of knowledge and a language of pure symbolic semantic meaning. UCADIA is the founding energy upon which these words are based."

    1.1 1. "To exist, One Heaven must exist as something real, something well structured and self-sustaining."

    1.1 2. "That all cultures and religions may see within this document the validation of their own essential beliefs and truths."

    1.1 3. "That in order to exist, a united Heaven as One Heaven uses this Covenant (the Covenant of One Heaven) as the basis of its existence."

    1.1, 6. "...a unified Heaven exists in dimension according to geometric and logic principles according to the rules of this document, now and forever."

    Ucadia believes that Heaven exists as a manifestation of peopleís beliefs and the Covenant is proof of its existence. In other words, HEAVEN = ONE HEAVEN = COVENANT OF ONE HEAVEN.

    1.1, 5. "So long as Hell exists, Heaven is at war...Therefore, for peace to exist in Heaven, this document exists to proclaim the end of the war in Heaven, the unification of Heaven and the end of Hell."

    6.4 "Recognition and respect of Lucifer and his key generals as Great and now Holy Spirits. By the power and authority of the Covenant as a historic treaty...it is hereby recognized that Lucifer and his key generals henceforth are be (sic) recognized as Great and Holy Spirits. That no longer is Lucifer, nor his arch-demons be dedicated to evil, but towards the goal of a united heaven and the release of all trapped and tormented souls."

    In a document entitled "The existence of evil beings"on ucadia.org regarding "the theories and beliefs concerning evil beings, the oldest and probably most accurate is that before humans there existed flesh and blood beings exiled to this planet for their crimes. That these higher order life forms were cursed by their own and in turn cursed humanity from the very beginning. In contrast, the wisdom of human beings and our ability to touch the infinite has allowed us to escape from such bonds, in contrast to these most ancient and supremely evil spirits still trapped in a dark world of their making. The Treaty of One Heaven is therefore of greater historic importance to the most ancient of evil beings in that it represents the very first time for redemption...For not only are the most supremely evil beings offered amnesty, they are honored under the constitution of One Heaven as Great Spirits upon agreeing to the rules and conditions of One Heaven. This is forged in the historic Treaty of Lucifer, a key part of the constitution of One Heaven."

    The Treaty of One Heaven releases all spirits still trapped in a dark world of their making, (Hell) including Lucifer and his key generals and arch-demons from their bondage and states that they should henceforth be recognized as Great and Holy spirits. It is important to note that it would seem that these Great and Holy Spirits appear to be the authors of the Covenant.

    6.1 "It is to the Great Spirits and Holy Spirits that we owe our knowledge of Unique Collective Awareness and its works."

    The fact that Ucadia wants to release all trapped and tormented souls is evident in Article 41 - Member Rolls. Where the Estimated General Member Rolls for "Spirits Hell" is over 5 billion prior to the Day of Judgment and 0 after the Day of Redemption. The Day of Redemption being Fri, 21 Dec 2012 (Article 24.1)

    6.2 "...it is upon the faithful on Earth to elect the Great Spirits of One Heaven...Each of the great religions...are entrusted to elect three Great Spirits to serve on the Unique Collective Awareness of Great Spirits each term."

    32.2 "Except for the Divine Creator, by Divine Law and Natural Law objects and concepts cannot "own" one another only themselves. Therefore, the Divine Creator, also known as Unique Collective Awareness, is the only true "owner" of objects and concepts."

    Officials:Official Patron: the absolute, the one, the ALL
    "The official and eternal patron of One-Heaven is the Absolute, the One, the ALL that which we differently call as God, as Allah, as the Universe and beyond, as every thought, as the Unique Collective Awareness and all possible existence."

    We can now conclude that The Official Patron = Great and Holy Spirits (elected) = Divine Creator = Unique Collective Awareness = UCADIA = Heaven = One Heaven = Covenant of One Heaven

    Membership of One Heaven

    38.2 "Membership exists and has full validity wether a man or woman, living or deceased denies any such right..."

    38.3 "Natural birth of the flesh is proof of lawful conveyance from a Divine Trust to a True Trust as a result of willing consent by the Divine Person to be born in accordance with these Articles. Therefore, the existence of the body of a living flesh Homo Sapien is proof of their divine (ecclesiastical) consent to obey this sacred Covenant."

    Ucadia believes that the simple act of being born in the flesh is proof of your consent to be a member and obey the laws of the Covenant. Your pre-assigned membership number corresponds to the unique exact time of your birth in Ucadia time. This 144 digit Membership Key represents a valid entry into the Great Ledger and Public Record of One Heaven.

    38.10 "Membership Keys shall remain at all times the complete property and ownership of One Heaven, with no other Society, spirit or collective having any rights whatsoever to claim this property. When Membership numbers are allocated, they are done so with the recipient being granted use in Trust."

    Live Borne Record

    42.1 "All members of One Heaven...have the absolute right to request a valid abstract of their Live Borne Record for the purpose of their proof of their Divine Personality..."

    42.3 "A valid Live Borne Record is an authenticated abstract issued to a member by a Ucadian Society when a member has met a condition of validation..." (being born is validation)

    In other words, your Live Borne Record is your ID, which relates to your trust number which relates to your Digital Avatar, as proof of your membership with One Heaven.

    In Article 37 - Slavery and Servitude, it states that "unlawful slavery is devoid of law"

    But a member can become a "lawful slave"...

    37.4 "To prove competency and lawful rights granted under this sacred Covenant, all members are permitted to lawfully issue one or more Ecclesiastical Deed Polls on behalf of the Divine Creator to any court.''

    Ecclesiastical Deed Poll

    Canons of Positive Law Article 133 - Ecclesiastical Deed Poll

    Canon 1553 "An Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is a valid Form of Deed Poll and therefore Deed and Contract whereby a True Person first expresses, affirms and conveys certain rights to another party who are then lawfully bound upon proof of receipt."

    In Canon 1557, it states that an EDP is a "Divine Notice with the full authority of One Heaven." Therefore, an EDP is a contract that you are permitted to issue on behalf of One Heaven.

    32.1 "Property is any fictional Right of Use expressed into a Trust relationship with other Forms whereby there exists a claimed Form of Ownership....Property is equivalent to Rights of Use of an Object or Concept, not Rights of Ownership of an Object or Concept."

    32.2 "Except for the Divine Creator...objects and concepts cannot "own" one another only themselves. Therefore, the Divine Creator, also known as Unique Collective Awareness, is the only true "owner" of objects and concepts."

    32.3 "Title relates to Property and Property always relates to a Trust..."

    32.4 "The Gift, Grant and Conveyance of such Rights and Title in no way implies the ceding of the full legal title and rights of ownership given to One Heaven, but the free rights of Use"

    Your membership number refers to a trust number, which is property, which relates to a title which can only be "owned" by Ucadia.

    Canon 1558 (ii) "The infusing of the blood of the Trustee onto the paper breathes life into the paper, creating an instrument superior in standing than even an inferior Roman Papal Bull."

    (iii) The use of blood in this manner perfects an unbreakable seal of an unbreakable deed and contract."

    According to faust.com Pact with the Devil "...(a deal with the Devil or a Faustian bargain), is an agreement with Evil, in the form of the Devil...A pact with the Devil is a dangerous thing, for the only thing the Devil is said to want is the personís soul, and that he will do anything to get it..."

    "He is always duped and the vilest tricks are resorted to to (sic) cheat him. While thus the Devil, having profited by experience, always insists upon having his rights insured by an unequivocal instrument (which in later centuries is signed with blood) History of the Devil, by Paul Carus, 1900, at sacred-texts.com.

    Canon 1569 "...One Heaven or Ucadia are required on an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll as the instrument is between a True Person, the Divine Creator (Ucadia) and the official of the inferior Juridic Person..."

    The Ucadian model requires that you not only register your body but your spirit, and incorporate "under the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven, also known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum."

    52.2 Unique Design of the Seal "...the great Seal of the One Heaven shall reflect the unique term of the specific nine (9) Great and Holy Spirits and (144 000) Supreme Council of Saints."

    In Revelations 7-3,4, it states "Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees...Wait until we mark with a seal the foreheads of those who serve our God...Then I heard how many people were sealed. There were 144 000..."

    Your 18 digit Corporate Member Number. (6 + 6 + 6 = 18) is divided into 3 sections of 6 numbers.
    6 6 6

    The Globe Union Charter lists National Citizens in 6. National Objects - Article 66. 666.

    There are countless references and parallels to "Revelation" and the Bible in these writings, that it is possible to conceive of these works as the new Bible of One Heaven. And the fact that the Covenant states that Heaven is the manifestation of peoples beliefís, the possibility exists that the architects of Ucadia and of the Bible might be one and the same. In essence, the Bible can be interpreted as a book of commercial law. The rules of a society. As is suggested by Jordan Maxwell as well as Robert Menard of worldfreemansociety.org.

    EDP Summary

    An Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is an instrument, which signed in blood, perfects an unbreakable seal and contract with One Heaven, which bounds your body and Spirit to the Covenants of One Heaven and the Ucadia Society. The EDP is the property of Ucadia and as an unlawful slave from birth, you are offered Remedy, a contract which proves your competency as a Lawful Slave and you will be granted your Lawful Rights. Which allows you certain rights such as the right to own property as Right of Use only. Very similar to the present system, whereas you are granted permission from the Crown as a Freehold Estate to use the Property, but never hold True or Allodial Title. According to One Heaven, Ucadia is the only true "owner" of property.

    In Summary

    Ucadia or One Heaven or Heaven, is a society which was conceived of by Great Spirits (Lucifer, his key generals and his arch-demons) who, upon their release from bondage on the day of Redemption, are to hold the highest positions of office within this society. This office, claiming to be of higher authority, is to hold superior title to any Society, spirit or collective having any rights whatsoever to claim any property. As the act of being born is consent, all are automatically members and pre-assigned a membership number which is a unique Ucadian time membership key and represents your trust number.

    All Homo Sapiens are then considered unlawful slaves subject to the rules and Covenants of One Heaven and Globe Union and their tyrannical rule. Ignorance of these laws will not be permitted, as all must "demonstrate a regular written and recited understanding and acknowledgment of these rights". All will be assigned a Digital Avatar with which to deal in commerce in this one world government, one world currency, one world religion, totalitarian nightmare.

    In order to fulfill itís contractual obligations, as unlawful slavery is devoid of law, Remedy is offered in the form of an unbreakable blood sealed contract, where, in exchange for certain rights, you may declare yourself competent and claim your status as a Lawful Slave.

    This contract will seal not only your body but your spirit to the Covenant of One Heaven and therefore bound you to the Covenant even after death.


    Is Ucadia the work of one man? Is it to the Great Spirits that we owe our knowledge of Ucadia? Does Lucifer exist? Are there supremely evil beings that have been cast down in a dark world of their making who intend on ruling us all in body and spirit?

    Wether you believe these words to be true or Frank OíCollinsí claim as author and architect will depend largely on your interpretation of these works and your beliefs. Upon reading the extensive library of books, Covenants, language, Canons and patents (such as EIKOS Language System or Ucadia Hydro-Helio Model of Atomic Elements or Ucadia Standard Model of Universal Elements or Ucadia Semantic Classification System), associated with this society, one will notice the extensive knowledge required to conceive of but one of these areas of the Ucadia society. To my knowledge, Frank does not supply any references but one. "It is to the Great Spirits and Holy Spirits that we owe our knowledge of Unique Collective Awareness and its works." How these works were transcribed from the Great Spirits, I leave for you to decide.

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