the fuck can't i go into the KTL

that was the the 2cond reason i'm here in the the corp the first being the love of the wu

what i just bring a deferent point a view to the subjects like

perception-only self
trans-humanism-improving us through the realization that we are better then god
conspiracies-realistically understanding the subject from both point a views
and my opinions on social happenings

but why, because i attempt to prove the ridiculousness on believing that perception is reality by not acknowledging one existence to see if said person would not exist

these mods have seriously over stepped there bound

as i recall this is not the first time they have done this they have violated the primary reason for a forums creation so all ideas concerning a subject may be discussed with out prejudice

i demand a remedy for this i demand justice
not just for my self but for John as well
he maybe a Christian but he deserves the same rights as everyone else