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In this case, acting IS putting on a front, which many people do everyday.

Like chicks don't put on a front when their around their "friends" or trying to gain attention from men. The same thing applies to men as well.

It's like me attending a party that's filled with white chicks. They're expecting thug type black men and here I come. They're in the mood for drugs and alcohol and I'll refuse to participate in that nonsense. What do you think going to happen? It's pretty obvious. I won't go to a place where I know I won't be welcomed or comfortable. It's simple

Some people feel that they have to behave this way and act that way in order to fit it or gain attention.

I can look at certain people and determine whether he/she is putting on a front, and I'm very good at that.

I constantly see women wearing clothes and hairstyles that their not comfortable in. They do it so they can be that "bitch". Some of them look down right ugly and disgusting!

Yes, I set my standards VERY high because I know what I want in a woman AND where to find them. The club, bar, crowd places are the last place I'd go.


This is classic tetris moa rant material right here