Techwon lyrically sick, Sheep Lord a warrior deity rhyme agreeable
serving a billion darts like McDonald’s, leaving hearts chopped in four quarts/
my darts be slices on the papyrus making the nicest
look at scrolls I wrote and take a knife to they throat/
never a quote less dead any address you attempting to suppress
my flows be missiles launched to take down your clones/
I got clout doubted in found now you write about nothing less than bullshit
I can pull a card and charge it to the game and make a name/
don't need to blame the opposite I rock underground
closing down stations by how sick I have them resident patients/
epitaph rip down legislation sessions educate cha leaders
on how to proceed and get they ass removed by how I show and prove/
the nicest lyricist couldn't fathom the beats I eat by the payload
recode flows in to digital turned it back to binary made you hex all your decimals/
given principles don't even need time to draft up a rhyme
my mind is endless spree of bars cutting down more logs
than forest can be recycled, rebuffed and reduxed/
detect what cha flow hasn't even procured
by how I bury emcees underneath a thousand leagues/
unstrap the jack pack a mack in the back of the rap
rips by times I leave you dead like blips on a radar/
speak off the cuff I hate cha bluff
my flow isn't never dead it's just frozen, cold and challis/
drink out my challis after effects never take place
wasted off the goose grease seen through my mind/
sight beyond mad man had plans to detonate the world
breaks through the view brisking destroying tactical attributes/
now you just get reduxed by being rebooted recruited refused
defused time accused me off staling on hells dwarfing
I am not gonna morph into the desolate one/
educated debated never fated well waited
so pissed I kill you on a cross and walk over ya body like a terminator/

Murder Murder flows flows kill kill drills
got skill then you can get up to my kill kill drills
got beats then you get cha tracks killed killed killed
(Repeat 4x)