I was just briefly reading a thread in here about book titles, and I noticed an overwhelming amount of titles that seemed to suggest books based on a positive outlook of the black race, and really not a whole lot else. (I might be entirely wrong. This is just based on a quick scan of book titles).

Now I really hate all this "black this, white that" bullshit, and I most certainly don't want this thread to go in the direction. What I wanted to discuss is the idea of when studying a subject, to look at "both sides of the story". For example, I recently read a book titled "Answers In Genesis", which was an attempt to prove the truth of the bible story using scientific evidence (and a pretty meager one at that). So shortly after, I decided to read a couple of books that discussed possible alternatives to the history of christianity as we know it, as well as contradictions and inconsistencies within the text of the bible.

Sidenote: I still haven't found what I was truly after, which is a text that attempts to disprove the bible story through scientific evidence. I also recently read the Quran, and would be interested in any titles that either back up, or refute, the content of the book, if anybody could help me.

Anyway, I'm not saying I do this with every topic I read up on, or that everyone should, but I do think that reading conflicting perspectives on a subject helps to give a broader understanding of the subject, as well as encouraging a not so bias personal view.

Thought this might be interesting to discuss.