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Thread: What do you guys know about sikhs

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    Quote Originally Posted by SL33 View Post
    I don't get it. I thought that Pakistani were the oppressors.
    both sides are, really feel bad for the kashmiri people

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    Quote Originally Posted by pro.Graveface View Post
    yo u know this guru? Thich Nhat Hanh , very interesting guy if ya ask me!
    I tink we all are avatarz yo!
    i tink it has to do with how far 1 is willin to master the mind, and giv the ego back to "the great spirit" ya dont loose it but its workin in harmony now with "the great spirit" or watever tha path lead.
    nah havent heard of him ill look into him though thanks, and yea one must be willing to give up the ego to merge with the almighjty

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    Their are some great books on vedics peoples, The Aryan ideology ( not hiitlers) , is very deep, IRAN, means land of the aryan. i mentioned Aryans, as, that 'gene pool' from what ive researched, was not a natural inhabitant of these earth ( yes i know ill get abused for that.. but i cant explain in a few lines, what ive researched over ten years.. all i can say it look at the aryan mythology/illuminati doctrines, and famous aryans. aswell as vedic history books)
    the aryans where dravidans from all the research ive done,. It kinda points to the Aryan race where originally from mars?...i can get very deep into this.. if anyone wants a reasonable discussion on it.. theirs lots of proof and links / photo's
    or i can set links to Really good researchers, who know their stuff and you can watch video after video (michael freeman, red ice radio, to name 2)

    that might show you what being an aryan has to do with things.

    how about something i wrote a few years back? some truths ive learnt about sikhism and other religions..

    Of all the religions in this world, Sikhism has to be the most fair and logical. If you don’t believe me, study it and compare it to all other religions. You’ll see that the unlike Hindusim, Sikhism doesn’t teach people to discriminate against people of different social groups or women. Unlike Christianity, Sikhism doesn’t tell people to remain non-violent even if a great injustice is done. Unlike Islam, Sikhism doesn’t tell people to forcibly convert others, or kill them if they refuse convert. Unlike Buddhism, Sikhism doesn’t tell people to give up a householders life and wander in forests. So it’s the most wonderful religion. But is this perfect religion from God or from the 'ones who created us' like all the other major religions are? If this is religion is from God, then I beg dearly for forgiveness. But if this religion is from those who control and manipulate us, then they created the most perfect religion only to fight the Islamification of India, centuries ago. The controller were behind the Mughal Jihad in the first place, but they had to stop the Jihad at a certain time (through human bloodshed, of course), because their plans had to move to another stage - the coming of the British.

    I mean no disrespect to the Sikh community, but it would be a sin not to investigate what we are taught. ‘Sikh’ means ’Learn’. So it’s every Sikh’s religious duty to learn what the truth really is, rather than be blindly loyal to some path they are told to follow. Sikhs should remember that this is what the Sikh gurus taught, and the gurus constantly accused Hindus and Muslims of being ignorant and blindly practicing pointless customs and rituals. If any Sikh is angered by this, then he or she is being ignorant, which is un-Sikh. So let us examine the facts and establish the truth:

    All the Sikh gurus belonged to the Kshatriya caste (one of the four main Hindu social classes). But it must be pointed out the gurus were firmly against casteism. Being Kshatriyas meant they were Aryans. All the founders of the major world religions seemed to be Aryans -- Buddha (founder of Buddhism), Maha-veer (founder of Jainism), Zoroaster (founder of Zoroastrianism), etc. Their are many books explain the special link between the Aryan race and the ones who seeds us (annunaki). Guru Nanak was once shielded from the scorching sun by the hood of a large serpent. Many people witnessed it. People should note that no low-caste man or female was the founder of a major religion. Are they not worthy to become messengers of God? Do they have to have certain DNA???

    All gurus except, I believe Guru Nanak, were related. However, I might be wrong and maybe all the gurus shared the same blood. But from the fourth guru to the tenth, I believe it was a father-to-son succession. The tenth guru wrote an autobiography, which he entitled ‘Bachittar Natak’. It can be found in the Shri Dasam Granth Sahib. According to it, all the Sikh gurus are descendants of Luv and Kush, the two sons of the Lord Rama, who Hindus consider to be an incarnation of Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. According to my research, all the monarchs, major political leaders, and so-called ‘prophets’ (at least, the ones that existed) were related. Barack Obama has Aryan genes in his blood, which he got from his white mother. There was even a story on a US news programme about how Obama ’turns-out’ to be a distant relative of US presidents, and the report was presented in a joyful way. The media always laughs off these serious facts. But it’s not coincidental and certainly not funny. This is serious and proves that Obama was not democratically elected. And by the way, he’s America’s first half-caste president, not first black president.

    One of the two main symbols of the Sikhs is called a ‘Khanda’ (the Khanda is actually the name of one of the types of swords included in the symbol). The Khanda is in the middle, then you have two curved swords crossing each other, and a discus in the centre the trident head is an important symbol of secret societies. The god Roman Neptune is always shown armed a trident. The Hindu god Shiva is always shown with a trident (trishul in Sanskrit). If you turn the OM symbol to the right side, it looks like a trident head. You have the Fluer di lis symbol which is a trident in disguise. The name/word ‘Allah’ written in Arabic looks quite obviously like a trident head. If you look carefully, at the Sikh Khanda symbol, it is also a trident head.

    The lion is an important symbol of secret societies. We can see the lion in the English coat of arms and on some British coins. Gobind Singh, the tenth prophet, commanded that all Sikh males are to replace their surname with ‘Singh’ (which means ‘lion‘) and all Sikh females are to replace their surname with ‘Kaur’ (which means ‘princess’ - linked to goddess Semiramis?). The guru did this as part of the Sikh effort to abolish the caste system. A surname can reveal what caste a person belongs to, so the guru wanted to erase traditional surnames. The guru’s name was Gobind Rai (Rai being a high caste Aryan name). He then became known as Gobind Singh. This all happened during the founding of the ‘Khalsa’ in AD 1699. This guru gave Sikhism its final form. Khalsa means pure, and the word has Arabic origins. Had the guru used a Sanskrit word for ‘pure’, it would have been ‘Arya’ (Aryan).

    Sacrifice is vital to those who control the planet, They usually sacrifice humans (e.g. Princess Diana/JFK/ww's/9/11). In Judaism and Islam, a goat’s throat is slit in order to drain its body of blood. In Hinduism, human sacrifices were offered to please the goddess Kali. Goats were slaughtered as well. Later, only goats were slaughtered. The method of slaughter was chopping the head off in one stroke with a sword. Sikh warriors later adopted this practice. They called the method of slaughter ’Chatka’ or ‘Jhatka’ which means ‘one strike’ or ’one stroke’. The meat (and blood) is collected in an iron batta (bowl) and is used to make a nice meal. Mainstream Orthodox Sikhs reject meat-eating. Remember, most Sikhs had Hindu ancestors, and a few mainstream Hindu beliefs, such as vegetarianism, slipped into Sikhism. It is said that chopping goat necks was good battle training for warriors as the neck of a goat is very much like the neck of a human. By the way, the tenth Sikh guru prohibited the consumption of meat from animals which are slaughtered according to Islamic tradition as the animal is goes through extreme pain (a throat-slit). This prohibition would obviously also apply to Kosher meat. The Chatka method is quick and a blow is struck with the sword when the animal seems distracted. As a side note, I doubt the guru ever encouraged meat eating, but he did not forbid Sikhs to eat meat altogether. And he also enjoyed hunting animals, as did his grandfather, Guru Hargobind (who was sixth guru).

    i look forward to your questions, if you want examples.. post a questions please jasjit.. and ill asnwer.


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    soul conrtoller i saw ur post on a david icke forum, was that u?

    good post btw

    do you know why the nihangs wear the chand on their dastars?

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