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    who on here still plays MMO's?

    I tried them all and like DDO the best. I stopped playing years ago, but then found out that it was free to play and started messing around with it again a few months back. all my Characters were still there, and I still have a guild and now have a Guild ship and all. my Guild is called "Wu Tang Killa Beez". my characters are:
    Oldirty Bawstid (lvl 9 Paladin)
    DarkeyeZ (lvl 14fighter/6 rogue)
    Jawn (lvl 19 Cleric)
    Shabazz the Disciple (lvl 10 Monk)
    Killlapriest (lvl 6 Favored Soul)
    HellTown (lvl 10 Ranger)

    I also have another account with 2 characters:
    Prodigalsunn (lvl 1 Barbarian)
    Sixsecond Assassin (lvl 1 Bard)

    just putting this out there to see if anyone else lets their inner Geek out when no one is looking, lol...

    gotta warn ya tho, I join groups and half the time don't know what they hell they are talking about...I been out the loop and don't know all the lingo yet, but free gaming is free gaming
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    I tried the WoW free trial but it seemed a bit too much for me

    I want to get Champions Online now its free but it won't let me register for some reason

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    Tried DCU, didn't like it.
    a game that get's repetitive after 2 days of playing it is just not worth paying money for...
    That's why I could never finish Afro Samurai...I love the show, love the soundtrack, but you could seriously close your eyes and just hammer the attack button to get through most levels

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    Dunno, just didn't like it that much...not every game is for everyone...

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