Bronze Feet
Sheep Lord
H. Notik


We are reporting live from the North Side Prison site
where an unknown force of villains have broken free and taken flight
each missing has a history of city terrorizing
and it was thought that these walls would house each for life
but not so because tonight our news team has exclustive rights
to film this historic event as it relates to our bottom line
we will follow behind our city's heroes as they try
to apprehend these viscious villains and bring the good fight
back to the studio, this is Mood Mic

in earlier news a former villain is loosed
paid prison dues he is shifty and suspicious but there is no illegal proof
six-three, skinny and rude
with his green locs and protruding teeth, I wouldn't approach him if I were you
be sure to view our upcoming udates later, stay tuned
that is my conclusion, signing off, this is Channel Two

the metal cage swings wide,
my wet spliff is ignited and my arrival is now official
stripped of dignity, autonomy and without ritual
my illegal fiscal schemes were halted by costumed teams
a roster of heat to rival my once-towering regime,
I come back as a powerful king trapped under rags and rotting teeth
from the tops of trees I watch the new crop proceed,
the cops are weak and the new gods don't have the heart to bleed
this is my artistry,
I twist hearts and pit pawns against their own queens
sworn to deceive those without the force to perceive,
I spin storms of grief and tore the streets with hordes of bees
torpedoes with gold teeth,
from hidden stores I plot wars and hoard an assortment of batteries
scrap factions and fleets with drills, ratchets and springs,
reconstructed with my corrupted feed we are ready for the invasion to proceed
repaid in screams for my patience,
by linking ancient evil with steel I've created pieces of me via machinery
only a sword can turn a riot to peace,
our ends are agreed but I believe violence to be the strongest means
apply this to life, boards and pieces
I march forth as the Lord Reaper, armies of demonic qualitY follow me....

watch as this bronze man, rounds up all civilians
takes em away in large caravans of white mini vans
simply systematic, sinister sly syllables psychotic,
watch us drop the metronome, injecting narcotics
robotic limbs enhance kinetic motion,
cybernetic devotion, alas,
we put you in a state of commotion, high tide oceans
run red with red rum, war drums black out the sun
drunk off my evilness, spread the vibe if you feelin this
extract the ingrediants, we devious deviants devisin
downfalls of desperados degrading deadly hollows
death machines dealin out demons who dreadly follow
chain gang revival, no chance for survival
swing a pendulum and walk through time portal
Section 9 henchmen, forever reborn immortal
codename Phoenix, never achieve heights of my zenith
the most villianous, do it cause its the easiest!

I spin the death toll, evidence of souls reborn,
with-in the spectrum, all our mortal sins have scorned,
societies surface, steady worsens done with purpose,
bad intention line of hearses, wakes held in churches!
my eyes are focused, eliminate evil and greed,
S-9 existence similar to the devil some never believe,
high exhaulted! ~ my power makes the sinister fall to their knees,
stuck in a vacuum, justifying wrongs with reason and pleas,
snap the back bone! evil doers commiting treason will bleed,
there will be blood you value oil while plotting your schemes,
any season I walk the earth see the torn and beaten,
self centered egotistical culture of cheatin',
no one's willing to lend a hand or help if they aint eatin',
I'll ingest ether and inhale poisonous vapors,
save it for later and spit it in the face of devilsh neighbors,
I know your darkest secrets foolish if you think their hidden,
stone face unforgiven on your tombstone i"ll scrawl,
"Here lies the remains that made the morticians skin crawl",
take a deep drawl inhale the death stench of the vile,
sly crocodile see my enormous sharp teethy smile,
right before my jaw snaps and sever's another treacherous neck,
high intellect every move is thought out ahead 17 steps,
marked for death my hands hold the carpenter's nail,
stigmata have you bleeding out your eyes as I play with your entrails,
childs play viscious cycles I wash them away,
here to balance the world and bring it out of the shadows of corruption's dark decay!

straight from the gutter no wonder you getting scared
up out the abyss in swamps surveying the poison lands
decayment and voices chant "Notik is your master now"
behold the bastard style well equipped with the fattest sound
automated I slaughter blaze divine caught up with the sky
shot at god with flames untill he cooked an fried...
now you in for pain saturate your brain
lacerate ya face with rusty razorblades and bend your fucking frame...
I am iller dun grab ahold and twist the sun
treat you like a peasent while your squads getting overun
underneath the streets well beneath the sewer caps
leave your body tied up eaten by the sewer rats
tote a ruger blast cant avoid the voodoo cast
now your head is shrinking while i'm drinking out a putrid flask
roll the dankest chronic grown within an ancient coffin
execution style what up poison yo commence the chopping
defense is conquered when i flip inject the toxins
and I sip the whisky sauces you aint ready for the gauntlet bitches
diggin ditches every night 6 feet deep is a delight
aint no light when the reaper slashes closing eyes
aint no suprise yo it's H DOT who spits the hardest
getting high eating acid in the poison garden

Scours the rooftops, backdrops of a city in ruin
the smell of death and stench of doom is everywhere/
we ventured from the turmoil of the 80's with Regan in charge
to the Bushes running over everything to the 90s perched up on a rooftop/
Sheep Lord journal it's February 6th, 19 whatever all the death and doom site seen
dead regime time machine now those who banned us/
want us light-pole shadow alley jockey like myself screaming “Save Us”
and ill politely respond “NO!!!!!”/
who knew people could fly let alone bounce off the pavement
dead man dropped fifty feet into central park/
back from the depths of the cold, windy bridges and paranoid visions
surrealistically your not fathomable admirable, its Sheep Lord back on the prowl/
cracking skulls busting balls, masked up with the trenches in tow
making me so not rocking this cape suggested by the seamstress/
murking heads, dead vets by they way the tame there pets
out cha identity like Ozymandias and Hollis Mason/
step in the pulp mode deaths row, blessed soul, crushed coal
out the shadows snapping crooks arms, from slapping a bitch/
hear an apparent suicidal action cross town, making ways
slipping through police patrol unnoticed with tombstone quotient on it/