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Thread: Protests in Libya

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    Default Protests in Libya

    anyone peeping all that's going on? Heads thought Mubarak's 30 years was something, try Gaddafi with 42 years. I'm sure the U.S. is happy with what's going down with Libya, as we know Regan tried to get rid of that dude. If the word is TRUE that he's sought solice in Venezuela that just gives the U.S. an excuse to mess with Chavez and say he is harboring terrorists. This is just the beginning, but it's already ugly just like these gas prices. Not sure how I feel about this, I know Gaddafi gave the Nation of Islam 2 billion, but that was a while ago


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    Some sources from Lybia said 2000 people were killed in the few last days (officially 400), Gaddafi bomb them with F16's and warships, that guy is totally crazy.

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    Things like this happen often that are never reported in this country so while I understand the frustration of some who want to know when ish going to start up out here as other nations continue to be inspired by Egypt, (they should start it themselves honestly) their are citizens here that take a stand for what they believe here that is not often reported.

    While watching the news yesterday they said the schools in Wisconsin were shut down, And another point that bugged me out was this state is one of the the only ones that I know of that has experienced a surplus, , anyways....


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