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Thread: SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS & whers ~ Straightjacket Attachments

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    Default SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS & whers ~ Straightjacket Attachments

    Straightjacket Attachments


    Gimme your credo, libido, and confidence to see beyond
    whats natural, normal to those who ain't on the surface of the sun/
    its indispensable to train and notice a few, given anything in the rain
    sea by the sea shore blames more than a few fishes for whats given raw/
    any mind telepathic magneto tenancies lines are free yo
    smoke the mist gifted grasp clutch a fist, get slaughtered by the author/
    smother smite cha time in rhyme gimme a reason to kick cold war tactics
    fission fusion abusive nuisance cold congruent enter this temple at cha own risk/
    shoot cha discus, picture the rituals visualize times in shorthanded written form
    that's below what the average will sell in the ides of march saved by the bell/
    tubular screeched out by leaflets programming us to reason
    rebellious efforts defecate on the fountains that haven't been expunged/
    sight seen crooked eye venturous wise thunderous fries/
    side line mind grind death note written quotes in pie face smiles
    deliverance a pile driver to your blind side cha mother hated/
    dominance omnipresence enter my sentence then you see me an instance
    print this calendar end cha land my heave be hoes you haven't proposed/
    programming stimulate cha debate chronologically time your fate
    by dialing up the release date tempered by my own vision and destiny/
    when chop up loops when you fruiting off the basket mask and tape it
    wasted your nonsense cuz if the glove doesn't fit you acquit/
    drop the mind charges get blown from too much power in it
    over tower words are laws, hate cha fate when actions tell just a side/
    end cha monopoly by divisional options
    watch me crop dust cha flow with nothing but diction/
    give them friction kicking Serengeti diction
    blind faith dollar waste cancer patient toxic off the derivatives
    your mired in business samurai code watch me unload/
    swords from sheaths I can give you beef
    and chop up minds in meat lockers you are not a stacker/
    slacker stock market invoker shoulder holder pistol holster
    count the medals one, two and three go go how many more can we hold....


    And Behold....A Pale Horse....With An Even Paler Rider
    From The Land Of The Mad Where Heathens Crucify Ya
    In A World Of Neglected Desire We're Assassins For Hire
    That Retire The Elusive Inside Nooses Of Diamond-Wire
    Approaching The House Of God I'm Bending Church Spires
    Moonlight Lessons In The Presence Of 9 Divine Vampires
    Suicide Defyers Fall Victim Lifeless Bliss For Tryna Try Us
    When Men In Straighjackets Conspire There's No Survivors
    Meet The Silence - Feel The Vibrance - Greet The Blindness
    Flash My Soul Glow Ya'll React Like Gizmo To My Brightness
    I'm Only Clutching Devices That Make The Chronic Ignite Kid
    Don't Think We're The Same....Cos I Only Eat After Midnight
    How To Describe It ? With A Pitchfork & An Array Of Knieves
    While I Sever Ties Like Tales Of Office Shredders Taking Lives
    Spines Recline While Rhymes Refine Makind's Flawed Design
    Is Waiting For A Sign Like Deaf People Watching Prime Time
    The Section Flow Through You Like Voodoo & Wind Chimes
    Your Crew Will Get Slewed & Consumed So They Try And Hide
    But You May Have Heard It Through The Grapevine That Mine
    Walk To The Iron Flag Symphony With Our Swords Confined
    I & My Akatski Ministry Move Effortlessly Like Telekinetically
    Give Back What Was Sent To Me Grandmaster Chess Telepathy
    The Mental See Through Your Dreams & Schemes Of Integrity
    Try To Resist All You Want You'll Fall To Temptation Eventually
    Lacerations Get Messy When Bushido Blades Feast Upon Prey
    My Swordplay Wordplay Slay And Introduce You To Your Grave
    Legacy Depraved You'll Still Feel Your Body Decay Anatomy Grey
    So Till I Forfill My Wing's Will With The Pencil It'll Be This Way
    Convince Tecknowledgist Out His Cave To Vomit On This Again
    Spit Deidara Clay From Long Range Like C-Rayz Blazing Toupees
    Unseathe The Vanguard Art Of What's Inside A Blind Man's Heart
    Watch The Viewer Get Torn To Ribbons Like The Teeth Of A Shark
    And Of Course With Yoda Force The Great White Strikes So Precise
    Imprisoned Inside My Vice You'll Soon Lose Your Vision When I Bite
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