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    The Crown Chakra is associated with the color violet or white. We use the seventh chakra as a tool to communicate with our spiritual nature. It is through this vortice that the life force is dispersed from the universe into the lower 6 chakras. It has been referred to as our "GOD SOURCE" - but this terminology might be confusing to anyone who equates God with religious dogma, because of this I choose to call it a spiritual connection or communicator. This chakra is often pictured as a lotus flower opening to allow spiritual awakening in an individual. The crown chakra could also be considered the well intuitive knowing is drawn from.

    Chakra Seven - Associations

    •Color - violet, white
    •Sanskrit Name - sahasrara
    •Physical Location - top of head
    •Purposes - intuitive knowing, connection to one's spirituality, integration of the whole
    •Spiritual Lesson - spirituality, living in the NOW
    •Physical Disfunctions- mystical depression, diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system and the skin, chronic exhaustion not associated with physical ailments, sensitivity to light, sound, environment
    •Mental and Emotional Issues - discovery of the divine, lack of purpose, loss of meaning or identity, trust, selflessness, humanitarianism, ability to see the bigger picture in the life stream, devotion, inspiration, values, ethics
    •Information Stored Inside Crown Chakra - duality, magnetism, controlling patterns, emotional feelings (joy, anger, fear)
    •Area of Body Governed - top center of the head, midline above the ears

    2012 is one for those who have this crown chakra fully awakened.. cats like Michael Jackson and Tyson both probably used these to their fullest in their Prime...

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    What is the Crown Chakra?
    The crown chakra is the 7th and final chakra in the system. Located at the top of the head, the crown chakra rules the top of the head, the brain and the nervous system. It is the center for our spiritual connection and our sense of oneness with the Universe and everything in creation.

    Imbalanced, the crown chakra produces feelings of isolation, detachment and disconnection to Spirit. There might be an over-reliance on the self, feelings of emptiness and a lack of purpose in life.

    A balanced crown chakra gives you a sense of connection to life, an awareness of your higher purpose, strong values and ethics, and a certain trust and faith in life. The person will have a strong sense of inner peace, a humanitarian bent, and will enjoy working for the higher good of themselves and everyone around them. They feel they are living for a purpose larger than just their individual self.

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    ...what do you mean "2012 is one for those whose crown chakra is fully awakened?

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    dope thread! but u forgot the spine and gland connection, and 1 can awaken this chakra but its best to practice dem all, kuz wrong trainning with chakra awakening can relate to mad deceases or delusional mindstates
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