lets build on this fellas. talk about what equipment you use to record, what your space is like and how you go about mixing your vocals.

i just started trying to be "serious" about this stuff back in july. so i still struggle with getting my vocals right. also, my room isnt treated and that leads to a lot of unwanted frequencies in the mix.

i use a shure sm7 as my primary mic. it's a dynamic mic, not great for recording vocals (i'd rather have a nice condenser) but it was recommended by some people i trust. i use pro-tools to record and mix. and as far as mixing, the one thing i do consistently is EQ my vocals down. mostly around the 1000-1500 frequencies. way down. and i can instantly get a much clearer, warmer, professional sound out of that. now, after that is where it gets tough. the subtleties are what takes years to master. so maybe some of you are at that point.

if you got some tips post em up...