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Thread: Method of loci

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    Default Method of loci

    So I'm in my Chinese History class and we get to the period where the Jesuits start visiting China. The nigga Matteo Ricci was the first Jesuit to get there.

    He fascinated the Chinese with the Jesuit Memorization Method, called "method of loci."

    how it works is you visualize a house in your mind, you walk in and have this knowledge you want to memorize, you remember the steps and route on where you're going in the house... you could.. open up a drawer and store the piece of knowledge there.

    if you want to remember the knowledge, you just visualize the steps to get it, open the drawer and you have found it again.

    I wonder if any of y'all have mastered this technique? and if yall could share on how to master it for ourselves

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    Sounds like what dream catcher is based on. Ill technique

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