anyone into it?? ( being self governed)

only following laws.. and not statutory acts..
accepting the capital letters on your birth cert. do not represent you as a human, but as fictitious person.. (corperation)

i been gettin into this heavily the last 2 years.. i've found out so much,, such as local councils are corperations, the united kingdom (plc) is a tradeing corperation.. that we consent to statutory laws, (by replyin to understand. as UNDERSTAND used by police is law definition)

that we sign up. to the corperations on our birth certs. ( check your birthday certificate's, they all say you have signed a contract with a corperation) and that your birth certificate is a copy.. so where is the original. ive tried to get mine...

im sure you have heard of lawful rebellion.

im gonna post some great clips. their pretty powerful. if u know your law(magna carta). part 1 of 5// funny and informative

lawful rebellion in action.. stopped by police... same dude. after he got arresed under duress. his custody interview.. .. the sickest thing ive seen on youtube.....

video'd interview at home with a p.c

theirs lots more videos out their.. dealing with courts v freeman, clampers/debt collectors v freeman..

the sovreign/freeman lifestyle/concept applies in all western countrys.