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Thread: the universal underworld. (mayan calender)

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    Default the universal underworld. (mayan calender) 2012/nibiru/pole shifts

    Ian Xel Lungold's great work on the mayan calender.. (videos further down)

    2012 is not the end of the world. its not about wars/famine/planet x. apocalypse

    its about the natural evolution of consciousness.. as shown through the mayan calender(through time)

    the mayan calender is not a calender. its a means to judge and guide us, when consciousness/energy is changing..

    the next cycle(in human consciousness), begins march 9th 2011.. each cycle lasts 20 days.. the last cycle began jan 5th 1999, all the cycles continue along side each other, until all cycles are completed..

    looking forward to questions.

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