Tactical educated central hubris vs The Stated Highly Eccentric Educated Persona
given you a coma colder than any foder you bantas dare and take from me/
flows with the sickest infectious EMCEES on this Earth
birthed from the 97 ways you lames give me games I give you no names/
dropping data in random making optional reads leaving nothing but feeds
leaving deaded by words I never breaking bread with cha/
gimme darts I hate cha heart watch mine go dark spade cha spark
shade cha part, scripted authorize lines making multiple lies up with scrolls of lines/
tone definite aim proletarian rhyme barbarian
shape me up desktop process time that never stops/
drop pound cha opts loan out floats in flows
watch me go barehanded with a bat like a Gator/
never a fade friendly ripper speak off it
jagged edger red lever dead poet sever/
meat cleaver ripple a rift through bars
watch me split cha in a dozen like the atom/
children appease freeze leave you leafs in lets
get cha sweatsuit on watch me run in place as you begin the race/
fast a blinks you cannot connect chin checking detonate
aim a claim so I know the name jackets get straighten out/

It's the T of the Arc, watch me spark
give me a beat and watch me rip
now rinse and repeat defeat cha best emcee
and watch me rip, rinse and repeat