It's the cold crushing S-H-double E-P
rhyming derelict ripping epics making you seem cynical/
overtly critical pinnacle implement instrumentals
dropping psalms is simple when you get erased/
is just a wasted case spaced out zoner
programmable bars get cha spears shaken/
awaken breaking out cha barriers, shields and force-fields
now Iím back up from the grave digging yours/
hating whores facing cords wrap a few around cha neck
and watch me drag ya to your doomsday/
booms sway goon play rooms are lame
know your name T-E-C-H-W-O-N what cha thought then
penning drafts coupled with graphs mapped with algebraic equations
leaving cellular structure fractured at the atomic level/
speaking off topical shit spirited away
capturing those who would rebuke me/
debunk diatribe a lions hide fire fight wired up war time
stitch together explosive packs drafting up new ways to rap/
savages averages get cha revelations up to ninety one point one
never are my lyrics quite done always refresh, relax, rinse and repeat/
defeat never an ogre cold should behold the bold controller
solider past cha last my gas be acid dripping from the brain/