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Thread: 50 Cent and Val Kilmer's Gun

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    Default 50 Cent and Val Kilmer's Gun

    I saw this last weekend and it's a new straight to video flick. Lots of action. 50 Cent is a bad guy who sells guns and his partner is Hassan Johnson who played on The Wire tv show, Belly movie, In Too Deep movie, Brooklyn's Finest movie. The black guy who was Otis in r&b group The Temptations movie is also 50's partner. Val Kilmer helps 50 sell guns when he gets outta prison. James Remar who was a bad guy in 48 Hours movie with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy is a cop in this. Jesse Terrero who directs rap videos and did Soul Plane movie directed this. Check it out ya'll. It's one of 50's best movies. John Larroquette who played on Night Court tv show is also in this LOL. I'm surprised he was in this. 50 fucks a hot white woman in this. I've never seen her before.

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    Nice, but it was obvious that there was an informant involved since the beginning.

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