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    demonstrate a killas state and i aint touched a glock
    i load bics, mental hollow tip, watch me bust a shot
    what ya got....hollow flows that dont mix like dust and rocks
    yall tryin to confront me? fake mcs die quicker than Ghost's Wallabees
    cant function when i break your physiology, sick bar degree
    get smacked like drum machines and beat like MPC
    i got the more keys that Juno D and i never sniffed coa-coa
    hit dro-tho pulled over by the po-po had an O in my kneesocks
    jump from treeptops in camflauge sweats and reeboks
    rob you for your big faces and sweet watch while the fiens watch
    top notch karate chop rocks while i finger jab your girl
    pop my collar like Superb in the mix like snicker and swirls

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    forget yall...cant even respond or what

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    that was dope. good flow. post more

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