Dead cha optics knock out cha profits timid stock market takes a dump in ya laps
my maps be GPS profiled snailed filed wild out cha mile, ya past cha prime/
knowledge based word a waste face a case never tasted death
been at my reach, been at the worst Iíve ever taught/
I am a monster never conquered King Kong authored
Godzilla slaughtered, Mecha Godzilla controlled fill ya flow/
It's the sleepers get cha creeper deeper in inches pinches by switches
fixes gifted drifting never hated just saw those medusa's got cha cruiser/
bruise cha tyrants my papyrus unscrambled untold unfold
so as it was on earth as it be when it was written just never told/
cold as a broad that's fucked over by men
cold as a 45 caliber bullet to the dome piece/
under a pair of dark shades, past the fade, past the frow
past the glow, past the skills and water them plants and watch it grow/
mull through the files, watch the programmer of grimace
for any instance my prints be scams you can't handle with no sandels/
kill a track without any libel or slander in it
always giving you slaughter on whatever I write/
type up cathedrals of pain, take out cha game watch cha get played like a fiddle
up in the middle of the wedding watching your chick get twiddled down to just a pedestal/
I can edit pools of blood with VHS technology watch me reverse rewind cha lines
and fast forward my rhymes fast as a DVD player and a Blue Ray Disc player combine/
bring out the bears i'm closer than your near
gears of golams enter my roman numerals/
author paupers coffin tantra temper enter my temple
then you get to dusted off and get busted like pimples on my temple/
I ain't never the hardest nerd
I come with the hardest verbs/
I am a social networking verbalist
leaving these so called rappers herbalist/
cuz they can't pick through my garden of eden
ripping minds aparts while i'm still reading/