We Have Returned With Words Disturbed For The Concerned
Wisdom Has Emerged Rhythm Submerged Messages Unheard
Knowlegde Swerved And Turned Profound To Unfound & Absurd
Senseless Seditives Injected Invented Jealous Fellas Unlearned
Speeches Slurred Vision Blurred Tryna Make Sense Of This World
For Mine Has Burned Like My Left Wing But I Remain Undettered
For The Sword Once Concealed Is Now Revealed Los Noches Steal
Will Kill & Spill Your Grill Just Like A Clumsy Cook At B.B.Q. Meals
Ill 4 Real I Weild The Quill With Light Yagami Skill Untill All Is Still....
at will, we collide time zones and delegate with the quill
whers sharpened the blade and carved motion still
filed underfire, take cover and heed human desire,
the cold north squire, raise my fist like a messiah
push and surge, section 9 sarge with electrical charge
scalar weapons pulse from handheld mechanizms
grand high chiefs creating cataclysmic schizms
borderline psychotic visions, watch while change up the system...
Good Luck With That....Cos We Be Graded With Distinction
For Leaving Vision Missing So Your Better Off Tryin To Listen
To Silent Penmanship Wisdom From A Free Man Imprisoned
For Forfilling What The Darkest Parts Of His Heart's Wishing
And With Section Saito Sniper Precision I Leave Shit Missing
Like Toilet Flushes Killing Enemy Emcees While We're Sitting
When The Blade Of Darkness & The Bronze Hammer Collision
Leaves Souls Unforgiven Lifted-Spirits Risen No Longer Living....
.....undead poets with lyrics like harpoons throwin
concave lense visualized the enclaves defenses,
smashed the pretenses offensive language
can bring you sever anguish, depends on what the aim is
my aim is deadly accurate, targets are hunted by hungry wolves
whers whips whirlwinds, cyclonic centres that pulls...
We Attacking Cruel Old Teachers Like Rival Schools
My Crew Like X-Men Decapitating These Sentinals
Monumental Lyrical Although The Audio's Invisible
Littered With Jewels As The Bars Become Minimal
Awaking Of The Spiritual VS Witnessing A Miracle
I Am This But Cease To Exist Like The Word Intrical....
....i force fields of men to yield, glance at the imperial
wield warhammers when i enter to the field, empirical
evidence shows who benevolent, Bronze the Majestic..
And The War & Peace Apprentice We Rhyme Mesmeric
With Savage Elegence Found Beneath The Sediments
While I'm Dust The Basement Dwellaz Form Cerberus....
... the three headed monster, summersault blanka
tsunami sri lanka, whirlwind elements that stomp ya
My Face Somber Untill Your With The Living No Longer
And Become A Meal Like Screaming Chosen Lobsters....
Basement Dwellin henchmen, Section Nine mobsters....
Blatant Yellin "Behead Them !!!!" Preventing Mine : Nonsense....