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Thread: Fight Night Champion

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    Default Fight Night Champion

    is this game any good?
    how is the controls on this one compare to fight night round 3-4?
    whose on the roster?

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    yea its dope.. roster has basically everyone but mayweather .. controls are better now too cuz u can use the stick or tha buttons, or both together... i always liked the buttons better but u couldnt throw haymakers w/o using the stick in the older versions so it wuz kinda bullshit.. now u hold the RB button to modify punches for power whichever control method u use... i use both, it's way better than before.. graphics seem a bit more fluid now too.. definately a step up from tha previous versions.. if u liked those this is a must buy, u wont be disappointed.. if ur a stick user its jus flicks in any direction now, rather than havin to swoop for hooks/uppercuts.. theres also more punches u can do now too.. if u on 360 holla at 'J DRIZL' for beatdowns

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    heard that butterbean is on there roster
    i wonder why mayweather is on this one or round 3 or 4
    i would like to see guys like amir khan and paul williams on there roster

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    This game has gotten great reviews everywhere...being a fan of boxing and the Fight Night series this will be a must cop for me.

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    anyone on this for ps3? if so get @ me. just finished the champion and legacy mode, lookin to crack skulls online now

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