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Thread: DIGITAL AVENUE skamp n bronze

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    Default DIGITAL AVENUE skamp n bronze

    *lord skam says:
    ay yo whuts the werd,
    i heard u got twisted celebratin ur born,
    dat same day two of ma niggaz got torn.
    away from their fams for tryna stock up the fridge,
    ma nig scarred the cops back like a Rhodesian ridge,
    kid got served for whut he did, but yo, tell me how u live...

    bronze feet says:
    [23:19:33] *
    where i rest at,
    we go through a life of set backs,
    one step forward two steps back and all that,
    under pressure of the society stressor,
    keep my secrets locked in a dresser,
    folder to remember my evil thoughts,
    praise a life of a golden heart,
    seal my grace over death then i burn my mark

    *lord skam says:
    [23:24:57] *werd up just maintain n chill,
    i wish there was a pill to get these devils up off my back for real,
    its like we try hard to maintain our headz held high,
    but theres no wonder why,
    so many snakes on the grass it keeps us lookin down,
    survey up the surround,
    waitin to light up like a night on the town,
    but chu already knew that,
    we just gotta keep revealing the fact n hope they fuckin love us for that...

    *bronze feet says:
    [23:32:47] *revealin the cats who be fakin the jaxs,
    fuckin fixin to ask,
    influence with the truth in my raps,
    no surrender like japs,
    spread all over the maps,
    go worldwide shock the soul sound from inside,
    prized possesions are wisdom gained from my third eye,
    i been spyed on 4th dimensions and froze time with apprehension,
    lost altitude and gave earth comprehension

    *lord skam says:
    [23:39:58] *but yo u 4got to mention,
    the fact we've written scrolls that stretch twice accross this globe,
    and for those who oppose our will, will all be killed,
    we higher ranking n skilled,
    in stoppin they blood flow like when they bodies is chilled,
    greener field be the mu fuckin crop i wield,
    rebuild with the lessons instilled,
    its revelations of signs notice the scroll aint sealed....

    *bronze feet says:
    *only concealed by the blood that congeals,
    our powers rain showers and storm cowards,
    scorned but into life of knowledge beyond scholars,
    given at birth, lunar eclipse on the date of conception,
    dark skies formed march twenty second,
    walk as a prophet for protection

    *lord skam says:
    *protection for profit,
    when skampoe speak these niggaz cant stop it,
    when they rekkids come out aint no one gonna cop it,
    jehovallah Daprophett speaking sermons ur done,
    im the cause of the fuckin thing the vermins become,
    most deny like they knew where im from,
    but soon they will all be left askin for sum,
    nuffin left but the blast of this gun...

    *ayo im done


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    i dont even remember doin this, i was out of it last night lol

    dope ish skamp

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    nice wwork

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