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how is a religious person gonna rebel against god like he would against other men? if you're religious, you probably accept that god's will just "is what it is". nothing you can do to change it so why fight it? being oppressed by god and by men aren't the same thing.
very few people actually fight against a so called "illuminati", matter fact, i dont think any do. so i respects, there are accepting it for what it is.

the two are very comparable. for example both are seen to control aspects of daily life. both sets guidelines to follow, or reap consequences and so on.

similarly, both cant truly be proven, you can show me all these meetings and sub groups or whatever, but is there really a "world power" or "illuminati" besides conspiracy nuts i havent seen viable evidence, as of yet. same with some sort of divine, celestial power.

its almost human nature it seems to give some unexplained things definition by applying a Higher Power Theory to secure ourselves and cease individual questioning.

rebelling against god would simply mean not believing in his existence therefore you feel no consequences. rebelling against the "powers that be" would mean extracting yourself from society.

the question still remains of hypocrisy, how can a firm belief in god hold one person from believing in an "illuminati" type society.