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Just got off the phone with Dom P and he told me 2 let y'all know on his behalf what's goin on now. Apparently, him and 4th were buildin on the phone and both are very upset about this leak simply because again, 9th didn't consult the group before he released it, plus now 9th copyrighted the track and he's basically the only one eatin off this track now. So by what I was told, the way things are lookin 4 that Killarmy album right now, its not gonna happen, at least not with Dom P and apparently 4th Disciple now 2. Due 2 what went down with this track being put up on amazon 4 sale, neither Dom P or 4th Disciple want anything 2 do with the project. Again, this is what I was just told and in no way, shape or form is this in relation 2 me. I'm just lettin y'all know what's going on now according to what I was told. Speaking as a fan of Killarmy, I'm disappointed about that because personally, I wanted the album 2 come 2 fruition and it seemed like it was progressing very nicely, but now with the way things went down, now u got PR not wanting 2 be a part of it and now 4th Disciple, who I consider one of the main elements of the group, doesn't want 2 partake either. So again, I dunno what else 2 tell y'all about it, but as it stands now, if this album does indeed happen, it will be without PR Terrorist and 4th Disciple.
Now thats just fucked up. I hope it all gets ironed out before long, Bugsy you got to let Dom P know that he can't let all that work go to waste, much less just stop altogether without getting shit straightened out first.

There is no killarmy without Dom P, but Dom P needs killarmy too, that's his base, if not for anything but more exposure which I think Dom P really needs right now.