back to decoding your lupus cuz it's not house
its always lupus crushing you dusting you equalizing the end/
demon reprogram hope in dope in i am roping
smoking up your kush by the bushall/
dome busting ghost dusting smoke clinching
pin lynching kinpin inching tinkering wrinkle in time/
back from sorpranos way of life the "Gottie" in me is long deaded
dreed headed fed laden braden dallas kill your cadence/
i don't have the patience for 8 bars
chalk up 16 guilotines are u prepared/
detour vigor ill wigger sick liver
i got them black rock dagger for you to quiver/
sliver never sword play drunken or sober
cold broad shoulds callico malviolent
prime in retirement let cha body riot less/
destitude resitude by all the oceans views
get skewered by viewers through the looking glass/
dash fast distraction action packed flicks
give them last action hero, turnt to zero/
mirrored image syngery simages picture luthorain corpses
morbid tortures feature fortunes priced at lidgable articles/
target foes arent u deaded by weddings leaded
conquering bonkers i am your typical topics/
drop hats by the prophets watch me lock it up
smith up your keys like a parapligic with knees/