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Thread: Dom Pachino: Addresses The Killarmy Reunion Situation

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    Default Dom Pachino: Addresses The Killarmy Reunion Situation


    I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

    Wu-International: Peace Dom Pachino, how are you?
    Dom Pachino: I'm very well thanks

    Wu-International: There’s a lot going on within your Killarmy camp so we are just going to dive right into it with the message you are 9th posted on Wu Corp recently, firstly can you please let the fans know why you said you are no longer interested in working on the Killarmy album planned?
    Dom Pachino: I was 100 percent in even after a lot of turmoil and issues from past dealings but decided to do it for something I felt was a bigger picture, the KILLARMY legacy. As you see, I was promoting it inside the Bugsy album. But after the same selfish antics that held the album up in the first place continued, I mean come on man, you gotta know when to say when. It was a struggle just to get the whole squad on deck to participate in the first place. My dedication was to the point I drove to Ohio in my Lex with 9th riding shotgun cause it was more convenient for the Ohio members. There were numerous phone conferences amongst the Arm prior to that trip and one of the concerns that got addressed was (no one would do anything with the tracks unless the whole group agree) Simple. Since there was issues with 9th using Army tracks for his Babygrande re-release of PONY cause Chuck (CEO) needed more ammo since it already was released and what better than some Killarmy tracks right? 9th needed a quick check. But the thing is that we recorded them at my spot and the “We Supreme” joint was an old joint that didn’t make our last album and I was the only one who had it. So 9th ask me to make him a CD just to listen to and I say “Yo don't use it on no bullshit” he says nah god and laughs as usual. That’s why you hear the “We Supreme” hook was on Power Rulez album cause I was gonna change it for the Army project. As you now start to see this is his MO. {Laughs out loud}

    Wu-International: It all seems to have started with the leak of the single “One Shot”, 9th’s take was that the fans have been waiting too long and he pointed out he couldn’t get hold of you and the others wouldn’t mind so he went on to release it, and your anger was mainly motivated by money?
    Dom Pachino: Ok here are a couple questions that the fans can answer in their heads.
    1. If it’s not for the money, why he put it for sale on Amazon instead of FREE DOWNLOAD for the fans? Mind you, we all spoke one time about possibly putting it out for free for the fans to see what the response would be like.
    2. If your so called brothers are homeless and working regular jobs wouldn't any extra money help? (Just saying if that was the case)
    3. And why make a decision on behalf of the group after it was discussed we make decision as a unit? 9th spoke to me a week prior and ask if I wanted to get drinks and never mentioned it. He also has my number, it never changed and every time he calls I either answer or if I’m busy hit him right back so that’s bullshit and he has 4ths math as well anyways to get in touch if need be, bottom line.

    To add on, this is not the first stunt he pulled. Some time ago he got a check cut to his gov name only on behalf of a KILLARMY greatest hits album to be released via Music Access, and the way I find out again is by seeing it in the Wu forum. Mind you, we were talking at the time hanging out and on good terms. He always had my number and still does but never told me or any of the other men involved and I spoke to more than one of the members at that time and they had no idea. Last time I checked, KILLARMY was a group. I contacted the owner and asked to either be compensated or hear from my lawyer and he choose option B, and said quote "Ya'll suppose to be a group and he didn’t let you know that’s some sucker shit" Put a stop on the check and it wasn’t 12 bucks either. Now why it has to be like that again and again? My thing is because I won't tolerate funny style business, the fans don't get a KILLARMY album. Sorry but if the cipher ain't right and exact I can't partake in it. But keep in mind, 9th said it’s not about the MONEY cause only Dom P cares about that. (And I don't give a fuck about hip hop right?) But I been doing it since a child and never got rich off it but still continue to do it cause its my 1st love and passion. Listen, another thing I don't give a fuck about who said what about fucking with me or not because at the end of the day, no one pays Dom's bills but Dom and I maintain my shit. Ask anyone who knows me, real talk. I come from a poor Latin family and when shits real I don't have a rich big bro to cut me a check. I rest with the peace of mind that I do this shit as a man on my own. Just to let you know, the issues between me and 9th aren’t the reason why Killarmy won’t release an album. There’s other parties involved that ain't participating but would if shit was right, I’m sure.

    Wu-International: From the message you sent via Bugsy, you said you spoke with 4th Disciple who was equally angry with the leak and also did not want to partake in the reunion album anymore as well; did you also get a chance to speak with other members such as B9, Shogun and Islord?
    Dom Pachino: No, only 4th. Islord popped up at my spot a day prior to me seeing the post of a single released in forum and just kicked it with me and didn't mention anything about it at all.

    Wu-International: It’s a shame you have both decided not to complete the album, how many songs have been initially recorded or completed for this project?
    Dom Pachino: Only the 3 that we recorded on our Ohio trip and that was months ago. To be honest, nobody was even talking about a completion at all after that or working towards it.

    Wu-International: 9th pointed out that the Bronze produced first single initially planned for release “Sound of the gun” was given to Bugsy by you without the consent of the others as well, was there any reason you gave that beat to Bugsy instead of using it and were the others consulted before you gave it away?
    Dom Pachino: To be honest, 9th posted that would be the first single without the other members even hearing it. I don’t even think Shogun or 4th heard it to this day unless they got Bugz album. And B9 said he didn't feel it for a single, so how was it gonna be the first single? It was lying around for months and I hit Bronze up and ask if he mind if I used it for one of my projects. He said no doubt fam, That’s all the permission I need from the man himself.

    Wu-International: Its obviously not the first time that you have both fallen out publicly on our last interview you expressed dissatisfaction on how 9th used the Killarmy songs for his Babygrande release “One Man Army”, in which 9th claimed you tried to sue him and the label because of those songs, can you please share with us your side of the story and reason you took it further and also the outcome?
    Dom Pachino: Not at liberty to speak on this matter for the outcome has not been determined yet. Let’s just say my written works have been used without permission or compensation.

    Wu-International: It was also said that you deliberately took out 9th’s verse from a song on Bugsy’s project, what song was 9th meant to be on and why did you take him off?
    Dom Pachino: You will hear the song soon.

    Wu-International: It’s normal for family and friends to fight from time to time, and its a shame all this had to come out in the public like it did, you and 9th have been friends since childhood, how do you think this will affect your relationship as friends?
    Dom Pachino: I tried time and time again to maintain a friendship with him, if not personal at least on a business level, but I get the same results: a (ONE MAN ARMY). And speaking of ONE MAN ARMY, back around 2004 I had released a DVD titled Life of a Performer and I had promoted an album titled ONE MAN ARMY coming soon {Laughs out loud}

    Wu-International: Yes we remember that, we did an interview around 2006 with that same title. 9th aired out a lot of things we will like you to address if you do not mind, he claimed you put out the collabo prelude “The Appetizer” without Shyheim’s knowledge and Shy was no longer interested in working with you on that project again?
    Dom Pachino: I spoke to Shy after I seen the gay ass post, and trust Shy did that deal with me willingly and in a professional legit manner. He is my dude and shouldn't have had been brought into KILLARMY matters and he really didn't appreciate it.

    Wu-International: So can you please confirm with us that the collabo between the both of you “The Feast” is still happening and when you plan on putting it out?
    Dom Pachino: Still working on it, looking for a winter release.
    Wu-International: Can we be nosey in asking about teh guests features and producers?

    Dom Pachino: TBA

    Wu-International: We look forward to the album, another thing 9th pointed out was that 4th Disciple was homeless and the sooner the Killarmy album would have been out the better, is 4th Disciple homeless and how do you feel about him putting that out in the air like that?

    Dom Pachino: I think that was a weak move, see when I had Bugz post my feelings toward seeing our music put out without being discussed or agreed on it was about the business, not trying to take personal stabs at my so called brothers.

    Wu-International: Thanks for those answers, there is really no Killarmy album without its core members on it for the fans, you and 4th not being on it is a great loss, what are your thoughts of 9th wanting to replace you with Rev William Burk and RZA for 4th?
    Dom Pachino: I think it’s a great idea if he calls the album the GRANDDIGITAL FLOW! {Laughs out loud} and I hope the fans enjoy it. I truly wish him the best in his endeavours just if I’m a part of them, a heads up on things would be nice.

    Wu-International: Is there anyway this can be resolved between the both of you, and what would it take to get you interested in this project again?
    Dom Pachino: A big fat check cause it’s all about the money for DOM P. {Laughs out loud} and I’ma cry if I don't get it! Let me stop with the kid shit. {Laughs out real loud}

    Wu-International: Ok, thanks for those answers, lets move on and talk about you, Napalm etc, Bugsy stated that you are retiring as a solo artist after your last album; can you please tell us why? out of print, was it a conscious decision on your part to press a limited amount and if so, why?
    Dom Pachino: I'm in a different place in my life. I’m getting more involved in the business aspect of things and enjoying spending time with my family, what is life without growth and change? I don't think there’s too much more to say on the mic that I haven’t said already in other words. But I still love the art and will do features, collab albums etc. Just nothing that requires all my energy.

    Wu-International: Speaking of that album, you have changed if from A.B.O.A.R.D. (Audio Biography of a Real Don)" to "The Last Armageddon (Alpha & Omega)" any reason for this?
    Dom Pachino: Thought it fit my lyrical journey more for a last album. “Alpha & Omega” which is the first release “TERA.IZ.HIM” and “The Last Armageddon” combined.

    Wu-International: We are aware it is meant to be a double album, can you please tell us more about this last album/project and when you plan to put it out?
    Dom Pachino: In the sizzling hot summer symbolic to its content.

    Wu-International: Are the bonus songs planned for Tera.Iz.Him disc unreleased songs from that era or brand new songs you will be adding to it and will we be seeing any songs with your Killarmy members on it?
    Dom Pachino: Yea I got a couple bonus tracks on T1 and so far Killa Sin's on the Last Armageddon.

    Wu-International: The Alpha is meant to be all new songs as well, how many songs will be on this disc and who are the features or producers on it?
    Dom Pachino: I have so far Bugz, Chap, Desert Ez, Nutso, Killa Sin, Falling Down on a couple joints, 5th Seal formally Daneja beats who did tracks for a bunch of cats (Kool G Rap, Joell Ortiz, Immortal Tech, Ras Kass), my Warface Production dude Jewels Polaar, Spanish Jose, and still working on more additions.

    Wu-International: Yes we read about the Killa Sin collabo, what song was this and is it for your last project?
    Dom Pachino: EZ KILLINGS, and yea the last LP.

    Wu-International: Did you record the song together in a studio with him and what was it like working with Sin again?
    Dom Pachino: Yea he came to Napalm studios and had a drink with me and it was great to build with my brother after all these years, real good vibes.

    Wu-International: His girl previously posted on Wucorp that Sin was not really keen on the Killarmy reunion album, was this the case and do you know if he has had a change of mind and now wanted to be part of it or mainly focusing on his solo?
    Dom Pachino: Didn't really talk too much about that, being it hasn’t been any progress with that in months.

    Wu-International: The Bugsy album that you endorsed and presented was very well received by the fans, its a definite banger, what role(s) did you play with the release of this album?
    Dom Pachino: The orchestrator, co-signer, overseer and CEO and Distributor. What an album by the way. Congrats my dude!

    Wu-International: He was put out via Napalm, who else is on the roster apart from your self and Chapelz?
    Dom Pachino: Well the TERABAN is up next. Then me, then Chapelz and I’m in talks with Desert Ez for a solo.

    Wu-International: Speaking of Chapelz, there is meant to be a Teraban project with you, Chapelz and Bugsy on, what’s the word on that?
    Dom Pachino: Its done and a real Flame Thrower heavy Falling Down on it and a couple Lord B also. Falling is like a 4th member on it. {Laughs}

    Wu-International: What other projects will you be working on after your solo project and Teraban is out of the way?
    Dom Pachino: Chaps and The Feast album.

    Wu-International: Great, is there anything else you like to say to the fans in regards to Killarmy, Napalm or any shout outs, last words etc?
    Dom Pachino: Must confirm everything said by me is fact. Peace to all my true supporters your all well appreciated and my last words will be said on the (LAST ARMEGEDDON) pick up the April edition of the XXL MAGAZINE on stands Now. Oh yea, check the funniest shit of all: 9th calls me after he post all that shit about me and 4th and says “yo why don't you put the single out on vinyl thru NAPALM” real talk lol. Oh, and 4th ain't homeless and Dom was last seen in the Lex not on the choo choo. Peace!

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    great read

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    Respect wu-international and Dom P. for cleaning shit up!
    Fuck 9th Prince for real, fucking nerd, wack ass rhymer...
    Forget about Killarmy album... We need Islord album now! Word!
    Yo 9th, leak those unreleased tracks you've promissed, bitch!
    Nobody fucks with The Realest fan of Wu, R-G-to the U, two thousand and two !

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    more drama than the baldwins

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    This is what happens when a "group" insists on being a "group". Things don't happen because there's always one guy that isn't with it.

    Any human enterprise needs a leader in charge of making final decisions. The others must put their egos aside and trust the leader.

    Any army needs a general, and 9th is Killarmy's general. Just follow his lead and things will happen, for better or worse, but it will happen.
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    Je reviendrai dans ton alcôve
    Et vers toi glisserai sans bruit
    Comme les ombres de la nuit.

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    9th fuckin shit up imo. He wants to take all the money, and when Dom says "hey, wait a minute! Where's my money?" 9th tells all the fans Dom is all about money only. There's a difference between being all about money only, and expecting your fair share of earnings.

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    Guess this interview puts the nail in the coffin for a Killarmy album. They have only 3 tracks recorded and now this. So how the hell is "One Shot" a single? This situation is FUBAR and really too bad cuz Killarmy is much better as a whole than they are as solo artists. I am not choosing sides on Dom P vs 9th cuz it really doesnt matter. Peace

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    RZA is the ONLY reason why 9th has come this far... if it was not for RZA , 9th would never been allowed near the mic.


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    seemz dey cant put an album out witout rza or big head takin care of em, dey released 3 albums under rza, now dey on their own dey cant release an album afta dis long.
    I support 9th & dom p, get that bullocks outta way & get bac 2 makin dope musik, word!

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    lmao @ only 3 songs. wow. group is dead. this is like waiting on a new sunz of man album lol

    "Sign Of The Times" coming soon

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    Sounds like nothing but real talk. Peace!

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    wu music group needs to sign em. 9th prince, kinetic and shogun still fuck with rza and wu. islord probably still does too. cut dom a small check and get in the studio wtf. shit will sell more then afro samurai 2 and solomon childs (since they never even properly released it) so what they got to lose

    "Sign Of The Times" coming soon

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    u forgot killa sin, his brother is the head of wu music group

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    I won't pick sides because I support both 9th and Dom P but I believe Dom P when he said that doesn't do hip hop simply for the money, it wouldn't make sense cos the man has been dropping album after album and clearly with very little exposure, it would be a bit of a stretch to believe he made any real dough from any of them.

    I must give a big shout out to wu international for coming through once again and asking the right questions. People that were hating on them over that whole affiliate list thing can go eat a dick, these guys have been putting in the work, giving the spotlight to those artists most people knew little about post The Swarm.

    Thanks again Wu-International.

    "I pledge allegiance to the hip hop"
    Method Man

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