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Thread: The Free Jazz Thread

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    Also, here's a great blog entry by Thurston Moore of the band Sonic Youth, rock music's most vocal free jazz fan and one of the curators of the BYG/Actuel box set that came out a while back, where he discusses 10 of his favorite underground free jazz records with links to download most of them. The first one he lists is Dave Burrell's "Echo". I haven't listened to all of them yet, but all of the ones I've gotten to so far have been great. I highly recommend the Black Artists' Group's "In Paris, Aries 1973". Only a few hundred copies were released in 1973, and it was reissued last year, but limited to 500 vinyl copies (I was able to get my hands on one of the reissue copies), so there are less than a thousand total copies in existence. Some of the Black Artists' Group's members went on to form the World Saxophone Quartet in 1979, and the WSQ's early stuff is highly recommended. Also, one of the BAG's members, Julius Hemphill, released this masterpiece in 1970.

    Check out the cello work. It's hypnotic. Hemphill absolutely sets the track on fire with his sax playing and Baikida Carroll offers some great contrast with his trumpet in the second half of the song. This album even has some of the funkiest moments I've ever heard on a free jazz record. You can tell that Hemphill was a big R&B fan.

    Here's a link to the out of print Julius Hemphill album "Dogon A.D."


    Anyway, here's Thurston Moore's list.
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