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Thread: Story telling on the level of Big L

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    Default Story telling on the level of Big L

    i use to run with this cat and we did petty crime
    he was the ruthless villain i was the one with the steady mind
    did all kinds of shit from liquor stores to bank
    been thru all kinds of shit from wars and back
    we took over whole city the cops cudn't even touch us
    we never killed so everytime they had a trail it got fucked up
    lately he been taking more than his fair share
    and i didn't seem to really care
    one night i was out with this girl dropper her off home
    then went to my home and what i saw made me eyes wide open
    somebody broke in and all my cash is all fucking gone
    called my man's home and he wudn't even answer the phone
    went down to his crib and peeped thru the window
    wudn't believe my eyes he was counting my cash flow
    i was fucked pissed went to the car im about to make my shotty spark
    but then i hesisted this muthafucka had a body guard
    so i went back home sick hand steady on the gun i slept on with
    this faggot this punk just betrayed me
    its time to make him pay g
    thought of a plan to have him pushing daisies

    yo i played it cool with him for had to fake a smile
    cuz he was mad protected
    his appointment with the grave might take a while
    i was on the look out for an opening
    to get my cash back i had flash backs when we was mad tight
    until this muthafucka double crossed me last night
    only 21 and he's about to have a fast life
    one day i heard he was gonna see some dude for some business
    he has to go by himself or that package he ain't gettin it
    so i got strapped put the silencer at the tip
    finally i get my chance to fucking clap this bitch
    watch the hours go by and when it hit six
    i got up in my whip quick
    started to tail this muthafucka to some abandoned factory
    he got out the whip and into another witn another man
    took out the clip with the gun in the other hand
    i approached the car and knocked the other muthafucka out
    grabbed the traitor out the car
    and said 'muthafucka this is the end' i finally get revenge
    this muthafucka acted innocent trynna make amends
    so i put the gun between his head watched this muthafucka drop
    i hear sirens the dude in the car was an undercover cop
    i am gonna die tonight thought about killing the cop
    but then i would do two five to life
    now i'm On the Run like Kool G Rap
    as i was running i felt a bullet embrace my knee cap
    can't run feeling weak another bullet embraced my leg
    crawing trynna find a place to rest
    but now i'm surrounded the cops said put the gun down kid
    fuck that shit i ain't going to jail
    so i put the burner to my face
    and a second later i saw that traitors face on the fierly lakes.

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    dope but and this isn't lambasted hate but this isn't on the level of Big L storytelling

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