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Thread: meth & streetlife?

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    M-E-T-H-O-D MAN

    Default meth & streetlife?

    sorry if this topic was up before but i was checking out some cd's on circuitcity.com and they have a cd coming out in 2 days with method and streetlife? i have to find 15 dollars!!! and do u guys think this is going to be any good?

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    Default Re: meth & streetlife?

    Method man presents streetlife might be good. i dunno, ive been looking for clips of it, but i couldn't find any.

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    Default Re: meth & streetlife?

    I have a feeling this is gonna be a dope album
    1. Can't Stop, Won't Stop
    2. All My Niggas (W/ Method Man)
    3. A Star is Born (W. Inspectah Deck)
    4. Street education (w/ Method Man)
    5. F.A.N.Z.
    6. Hung These Streets
    7. Descriptions (W/ Why)
    8. Lay Down (W/ Killa Sin)
    9. Who Wants To Rap
    10. Let Them Come
    11. The O.G. & Young Hustler
    12. Thugs Need Love Too
    13. Sweetest Pain
    14. Shoot On Sight (S.O.S.) (W/ Method Man)
    15. Outro: So Calm

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    Default Re: meth & streetlife?

    yeah i already got the tracks, that shit is fire. dont worry YO, i collect music and I DO NOT PLAN TO NOT BUY IT. HEy if i post my music collection would you guys rate it???

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    Default Re: meth & streetlife?

    yeah it leaked a while ago. I was about to go and get it from the yousendit link but decided not to.

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    Default Re: meth & streetlife?

    Its supposed to be a real dope album. Some peeps have already gotten it thru chambermusik.com's store, and they all saying its BANGIN. Ive been lookin forward to some streetlife since I heard him on Forever in 97. PEACE

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