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Thread: Inspectah Deck vs Black Thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by Threyev View Post
    If we're just talking about cypher emceeing and shit, it could go either way. Both have technical flows, lots of multies, pointed delivery etc. But beyond that, I gotta go with Black Thought. As good as Deck is when he's flexing his lyricist muscles, BT is - in my opinion - one of the great pure emcees of all time, and knows how to rhyme about shit in a way that is appealing to my eardrums. 99% of the time he does this; Deck like 40%. That's what it comes down to.

    THAT BEING SAID, I think Deck on "Above the Clouds" is the best singular verse either of them has ever produced to this point. Make of that what you will
    I agree with just about every word of this.

    Black Thought can tell a story that grips you all the way through, Deck kind of falls flat sometimes in that respect.

    It'd be great if they did a collaborative album.

    If they did the studio sessions like back in the day where the MC's and a producer are in the same studio and they sit down and write together.

    I bet Thought could bring the best out of Deck if they were able to vibe with each other.

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    Black Thought stood up to the test of time, Decks legacy as the Wutang jump off man will forever remain though. shits tough call but BT takes it

    both very skilled emcees tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
    ahahah i gotta watch that shit

    u should post s link

    Best I could find. Theres no video
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    black thought by far...INS is good but black thought has broader range
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    Quote Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
    ahahah i gotta watch that shit

    u should post s link


    1st vid has Q-Tip's + Black Thoughts freestyle but no video

    2nd vid has video of Black Thought's freestyle but Q-Tip's is cut

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