I made this bandcamp account

I'm trying to complete this music page for myself and They have this option to have a Custom Header at the top of the page ....

I have tried everything I can to upload what they want and its still denying me

There was a problem with the image: incompatible format (BMP). Please make a version in one of the compatible formats (jpg, gif or png) and upload again.

975 pixels wide, 40-180 pixels tall, .jpg, .gif or .png, 2mb max

thats the specs for the header ^

I took pictures and tried to alter them in mspaint and it wont take em cuz either they was too big or then it said I was using bmp when I clearly was uploading a jpg

please help

I just want the header to say - Frank Beans in the Digital @fterLife

^exactly like that

I don't care what the color is or anything. I don't want wu logos on it an shit ,just those words. please help me with something I can upload.

if I could have it written in some type of robocop font then that would be dope

something close to this

thanks in advance in case anybody comes thru