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Thread: 33 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louis Cypher View Post

    this even kills Webster

    English is a living language its constantly changing

    Dictionary.com changes weakly
    oxford-changes every 5 years

    Webster -changers ever 10 years

    funk-never changes

    so another words funk gets killed by a guy name Mariam how said is that

    oh and using the word when defining the word its just well useless "conspiracy the act of conspiring" thats not vague at all and ether is the patriot act

    ok whose fucking 2condary is this judging form his intelligence he must be sunny
    If a form of knowledge, in this case a dictionary, changes weekly, annually or whatever, then it is not fact.
    Force will always equal mass times acceleration.
    If your dictionary changes every week, who is changing it and for what. Empirical facts don't change.
    English is better described as a bastard, mathematically imbalanced language.
    At this point, the objective thing to state would be that neither 1 of our definitions are 100% accurate.
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    true wow some one else can actually see that

    but remember change is good even bad change as long ans things keep changing its good

    then again theres no such thing as Good and evil

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    Some of these are fucked up
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