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Thread: The Invisible College Library

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    Quote Originally Posted by rakimkoolgrapwutang View Post
    dude that seriously isnt me and im just saying that because that guy would be seriously pissed of if he saw those. im 2nd from left in both of those photos. in the rugby one im second from the left in the back row. if u see the arab guy on the far left of the photo in the front row im just left of him.

    seriously dude u cant just go off one photo. dont worry i helped u with ur wu corp stalking.

    your attention is needed over here, rakim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senator C. Palantine View Post
    you know Trixx is ODB, right?

    Listen to Jay-z's last album, it's all there.

    Decipher, son.

    Don't want no puss filled yellowheaded dick man

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