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Thread: Hard Sci-Fi (no homo)

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    Default Hard Sci-Fi (no homo)

    I love hard sci-fi novels and I'm looking for a new book/series to start. For those who don't know what hard sci-fi is it's essentially sci-fi that doesn't shy away or gloss over the science technicalities. It's based on realistic scientific theories and emphasizes the "sci" over the "fi". I'm not strictly about that though and if you have some other sci-fi novels to suggest I'm open. Some stuff I've read and enjoyed: Dune series, Eon, Any Asimov, Red Mars, and Most Robert A. Heinlein.

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    asimov's best novels are his most slept on:
    the end of eternity
    the gods themselves

    check those out if you haven't

    arthur c. clarke: childhood's end

    stephen baxter's xelee sequence is dope and is really as "hard" as hard sci-fi gets, but the concepts and scope are epic, try the novel flux, about the miniature inhabitants of a neutron star...pretty killer


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