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Thread: 'Adult baby' under investigation for Social Security fraud

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    Quote Originally Posted by beautifulrock View Post
    You may not think you're a Republican, but that is simply because you don't know the policies of the republican party. By the way you articulate your thoughts, you're Republican.
    Well, I don't have the resources to be Republican. Honestly, I do believe in the welfare system. However, I believe that welfare should be awarded to those who truly are in need of assistance. I do understand your statement in regards to the lower class and the middle class scamming the welfare system. We're in a recession, so I can understand. However, they're true poor people who are being turned down because they're not "qualified", mostly men.

    Also, the welfare system is filled with bullshit people who just don't care about the lower class. All they care about is their paychecks. The offices are a dump, the staff have nasty attitudes, they think that they're better than most people, and to make problems difficult, the people who work for the welfare system ARE STEALING MONEY FOR THEMSELVES, but the lower class is looked as less than human. From what I've heard, those fat caseworkers don't even do their damn jobs properly.

    We're not going to solve this overnight. We need people who actually give a damn, not assholes who think that they're Gods because they have someone to pick on. Let's tax the crap out of the rich and spread the wealth across the USA. That'll make things better, won't it?

    I am getting so sick of seeing people balling who are on assistance. Driving BMW's, Chevy Cameros, new Mustangs, iPhone4s, iPads, Jordan's, etc. Use the money to provide for your families, not for yourselves!

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    Something tells me Tecrus is going to end up on an episode of Hardcore Pawn, attempting to sell his college text books.

    The owner who constantly sonns the charlesjones populace of Detroit will have him storm out in tears.

    I wonder if the ET dick would turn a profit in that store? Eminem could use it as a stage prop.

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    to tsa

    I can go down to the park in downtown and find many who have no food, no clean water to drink, and absolutely nothing. so i disagree and while they are shelters that doesnt necessarily means that the homeless people will embrace it with open arms....because some value drugs more than they do a decent meal

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