Aging for days never worded ways given the right aesthetics
don't ask the T-E-C-H aka The SHEEP LORD for a medic/
I don't need a feed nor an edit level it down to divot whenever I pivot
wait and watch clock out cha time in any doubt, now i'm putting in overtime/
under the grime side swipe wonderful lies see how and why
after cassette I went to SONY MINI-DISC technology for your authorized policy/
saving tactics drastic pathetic being interesting when ever I set it
never dread it because it pays back to the thuggish rugged ways/
taken games making lames pay from the shine to the twinkle that dims when I begin to rhyme
been bringing bars making minds scared as that facial transplant patient/
named out of the funk stumbling drunk on the pavement/
mumbling some stuff domed cropped spider liger watch me tiger style out cha wild
dusted out cha mind seeing angels fly never wondering why asking how and why/
you knowing what happens now you gotta be captains of your own ship
always keeping it too legit to quit flipping frames mixing up names
slimming down to fit into what they call dope, nice and in style/

it's Deeper than a cipher
it's deeper than the size of her breast
it's deeper than the bars you write
it's deeper than the jewels you rocking
it's deeper than your publicist can assess

Its deeper than the slain taken the name, out cha game never shaming in the name
taken up the mantel seeing my tranquility while I press on for whom the beat tolls/
joining up with those mic clubbers ripping jackers for enacting slacklers
my pitch be a wild curve-ball never tipped knuckled up always ripped/
always wild as I wanna be, see the film reel
got that mass appeal yield to no sith lord/
always a ghetto jedi til the day I die
escape through the flows watch me brighten up/
never stuck got abilities marvelous
don anonymous rocking darts heavy as a hippopotamus/
drop an optimus knock clocking plot cha vitals
michael models loco vato master optima/
rocking shows properly vocally styling ides
made in miles my inches be pinches of sands/
made land aim hands crushing bones digitalize lies
into spies spines updated awaken snaked up slitered around cha clowns/
watch my ravens saving taken away breaking shames making names out cha game
bloody knuckles leaves my adversaries sedentary by how I buried their so-called favorites/

it's Deeper than a cipher
it's deeper than the words you rip
it's deeper than those so called freestyle battles on what ever park you be in
it's deeper than what cha thought it was
it's deeper than the vigina cuz
it's deeper than what they telling you it is